Amtrak Snow-mo Collision

Amtrak Snow-mo Collision

Train moving faster than usual plus fresh snow from Stella resulted in a more spectacular arrival than expected.

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20 Responses

  1. sacamato says:

    Lesson #1 when posting slow-motion footage: also post the real-time footage.

  2. phuturephunk says:

    It’s impressive to me just how many otherwise properly functioning human beings just cannot intuitively parse the reality of basic physics on any level.

  3. R Hill says:

    Hello, I’m from Dolbayob News outlet. Can you license this video to us for $10 so we can clickbait as “Irresponsible Amtrak Engineer nearly ends the world” and make $xx,xxx off it.

  4. dakito fey says:

    i wonder how bad that hurt

  5. Rouvenor says:

    HI! this is an amazing video. Do you give me the permission to use it on my private network so I can jerk off to it?

  6. Frank Drebbin says:

    Totally Predictable . . .
    but who looked around and thought ahead?

  7. Robert Aitchison says:

    THANK YOU! for properly filming this in landscape mode.

  8. Rump Spank3r says:

    o the weather outside is frightful

  9. Z Reviews says:

    You know what.. SnowPiercer was a great movie…

  10. Steven Schneider says:

    i can’t be the only one who expected Ave Maria to start playing

  11. Zach Pumphery says:

    You people replying to the various news agencies are fucking savage. Keep it up! I don’t want to see a video of an Amtrak train unless it’s actually killing people.

  12. Neo The Seraph says:

    so why was the guy filming did he kniw what would happen lol

  13. Dad_a_Monk says:


  14. Narwhal Bacon says:

    RIP to all the dead who were trying to record this.

  15. WAKEUP!!! says:

    Can you possibly post this without the slow-mo?

  16. RyanBCreative says:

    This is the best shit I’ve seen all day

  17. Benjamin Sloss says:

    This is pretty sweet. Thank you for posting, Nick.

  18. fozzibab says:

    Post the non-slow-mo version, please.

  19. Robert Zeurunkl says:

    Would have liked to see it normal speed first! Nice vid, though.

  20. Donald L. says:

    Of course, the dumbass standing next to the track that ia going to displace a ton of ice and snow in seconds is a goddamn woman with a cell phone.

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