Amy | Official Trailer HD | A24

Amy | Official Trailer HD | A24


A heart-breaking journey. A ground-breaking motion picture. Watch the trailer for the acclaimed Amy Winehouse documentary, AMY. In Theaters July 3rd.

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Official YouTube Channel for A24, the film studio behind Spring Breakers, The Spectacular Now, Under The Skin, Obvious Child, A Most Violent Year, While We’re Young, and Ex Machina.

Coming Soon: End of The Tour, Amy, Dark Places, The Witch, Room, Mississippi Grind.

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20 Responses

  1. Más Decibelios says:

    Tráiler extendido del documental sobre Amy Winehouse

  2. Blumen Blümchen says:

    It does hurt to miss someone you never met in life but you knew and you
    know her so good that you felt she was your soul mate somewhere somehow. I
    love this Amy who wasn’t afraid to show what she really felt. I will miss
    her forever, till the day I die. No one touched me before life she did
    singing and I appreciate it so much. I still remember the first day I saw
    her, on that day I didn’t even heard her voice but it was love at first
    sight. Stay in Peace Baby Girl.

  3. José Carlos Fernandes Silva says:

    Trailer completo do documentário sobre Amy Winehouse

  4. Mr. Fleck says:

    Wtf is wrong with the thumbnail 

  5. Vevo Polska says:

    we miss you Amy <3

  6. Bárbara Thaíssa says:

    fUCK :'(

  7. Jeanette Torres says:

    Oh AMY <3

  8. Zay Zay Aquino says:

    Watch the trailer for the acclaimed Amy Winehouse documentary – AMY. Only
    in Theaters July 3, 2015.

  9. AndyFreak123 says:

    She looks like one of the Krewella members
    I would have smelled her fart n licked her asshole

  10. TheSlezy says:


  11. Igor Viegas says:

    Don’t do this to me! I miss her music so much…

  12. SpockBoy says:

    What a talent.

  13. Victoria3490 says:

  14. Karla Nunez says:

    I have all four of her albums, she an extraordinary female artist. 

  15. TheValSL says:

    +Karla Nunez but she only released three albums

  16. Jan McCaig says:

    Will be watching this!

  17. Vera Souza says:


  18. Adam Ben Lusifur says:


  19. Dan de Almeida says:

    “Não sou uma garota tentando ser uma estrela, só sou uma garota que canta.”

  20. Elaine Brown says:

    I miss her music so much. I get really sad everytime I hear them. None like