Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s Opening Monologue – 2021 Golden Globes

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s Opening Monologue – 2021 Golden Globes

Watch Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s hilarious opening monologue as they host the 78th annual Golden Globe Awards.
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The 78th Golden Globes will take place on February 28, coast to coast from 4 pm to 8 pm PT/7-11 ET on NBC. The event will be hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, returning for the fourth time, after hosting in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Fey and Poehler will share duties from their respective cities, with Fey on the East Coast and Poehler on the West Coast. Fey will be live from New York’s Rainbow Room, Poehler will be live from the Beverly Hilton, in Beverly Hills, and nominees, from various locations around the world.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s Opening Monologue – 2021 Golden Globes

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88 Responses

  1. Jayden Emanuel says:

    i swear they age backwards

    • CALUM 89 says:

      It’s called money.

    • V for Wombat says:

      you should check out what Arsenio Hall looks like now.

    • Ryan Lacy says:

      @Harley Angel lol

    • Gael Marconi says:

      I mentioned this on another thread so here goes: if you don’t smoke, don’t drink heavy, don’t do drugs, don’t sunbathe, and get plenty of sleep and generally take care of yourself then you will look fine. Maybe she has good genes? Anybody think of that? Maybe she drinks tons of water, who the hell knows, but just know not everybody ages horribly, some people are lucky. Geez

    • Gael Marconi says:

      @Daylight Angel no you idiot it’s not CGI. Good lord

  2. Grace Edwards says:

    Amy looks AMAZING

  3. Alexandra Rose says:

    their kate hudson joke 😂 😂

  4. AJ says:

    “teens this year didn’t go to prom, but they could watch meryl streep & james corden go to prom instead” LOL

  5. WileyCoyote69 says:

    Well, they went there with talking about the Hollywood Foreign Press Association membership. Not just no black people but also them being random weirdos.

    • *** says:

      @samuraigundam0079 Exactly. They want awards and positions solely based on their color while complaining that they’re color excludes them from the praise they feel they deserve. It not just a contradiction but sheer hypocrisy.

    • adi s23 says:

      @samuraigundam0079 suppose you agree that there are equally qualified AA. But there has not been any of them represented for over three decades. It does mean they excluded based on colour. Why not hire based on ethnicity if they are equally capable with the majority white? And doesn’t diversity add value to the group as it increases cultural sensitivity?

    • Kimberly Colley says:

      Just putting this out there: Ricky Gervais.

    • Okay. says:

      @samuraigundam0079 “I don’t think anyone wants to be hired based on their ethnicity” okay, cool. But this IS that kind of job where you do…

    • WileyCoyote69 says:

      @lawrencecgn There are more than a Billion people (that’s a low estimate) who are of some form of black African descent. Certainly enough of a number that the deliberately vague and antiquated “Press” term the HFPA uses must apply to SOME of them.

      Look up stories on who IS in the HFPA. It’s an Old Boy’s network… even with the female members. It’s who you know. It’s corrupt on almost an IOC level.

  6. Dewey Mugyoo says:

    They made the very best of what they had. But these brilliant comedians NEED to be in the same room to feed off one another’s energy. I adore them!

  7. Tertiary Adjunct says:

    Have you ever been to a French McDonalds? They have macarons and beer.

    • John G Vicent says:

      And red wine with the combo. I love European McDonalds.

    • Daniella Cukic says:

      😂😂😂 But we have way smaller menus and that pisses us off so much that we’re all going to burger kings where they have none of those 😢

    • Princesse Sarah says:

      And we have pain au chocolat and croissant at the breakfast (but those in bakery are better), bretzel in germany, waffles in Belgium. By the way, i don’t really get the joke because french McDonald’s are diversified. Here, all students work there. Kind thoughts from Europe

  8. soul sanctification says:

    I love that they invited first responders.

    • V for Wombat says:

      @Wendy Whoisit “Yeah, and they kept showing the black ones too to show how woke they are ”
      did they?
      i only watched the monolog , and the crowd shots were static. they didn’t move the cameras, like they were ll fixed. if that’s true, then showing the black responders wasn’t intentional, it was happenstance.

    • Erin Ryan says:

      @V for Wombat u right 😂 lemme take my tin foil hat off real quick

    • Blue Crow says:

      @Strangersname I 3rd that

    • Lena Annis says:

      @Erin Ryan And that is how you make your point and still have humor!!! Black people exist!!! lol you killed it sister!!

    • esther says:

      @Erin Ryan the best response

  9. Donald Smith says:

    Wonder what’s a movie and what’s a TV show? Tina and Amy tackle that.

  10. Luc Grillet says:

    they opened the night talking abt how this would scar their careers lmaoooo, self aware queens. lol i love them. i actually think they were rlly funny!! the format was j all weird bc of Covid though

  11. JP Mackey says:

    I nearly *cackled* when they dragged “Music.” 😂 But seriously, the movie (and Sia’s response to the backlash) deserves *all* the criticism it gets.

    • Jake Stroll says:

      Genuine question. Has an autistic character in a mainstream movie ever been played by a diagnosed autistic actor???

    • Jake Stroll says:

      Second question. Is there an openly diagnosed autistic actor with the ability to attract financing as the lead of a mainstream movie?

    • Jake Stroll says:

      In fact the only openly autistic actor I know is the one who brought down Brett Ratner and a bunch of billionaires in her MeToo moment. I don’t recall her name.

    • TwoHeartedMarauder says:

      @OL because it was a terrible portrayal of autism. Autistic people not less fortunate. The fact that this is your takeaway proves the fact that this movie is damaging and harmful to the actually autistic community.

      Also the fact that Sia collaborated with an autism hate organization and portrayed restraining autistic people as good when it has been PROVEN to be harmful.

    • Beatrice Di Pietrantonio says:

      @Jake Stroll the fact that people seen as “different” from the mainstream don’t automatically attract big funding as leads in movies is part of the problem. people’s taste is not set in stone, it can be changed and made to become more inclusive: that is something you can only get through representation and through inclusivity towards a plurality of voices.
      “we can’t have a (female/BIPOC/gay/trans/neurodivergent) lead because they don’t attract funding” has been an excuse for far too long. they will never attract funding until the mainstream recognizes their existence.
      plus, the interest in the stories of these categories of people must be significant and real, since their stories keep getting robbed from them.
      so let’s tell those stories. but if you want to tell somebody’s story, you can’t do it without them. period.

  12. big dawg says:

    They did their best, but two hosts in two cities without a room full of drunk celebrities they can punk on was just not the same.

  13. Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa says:

    Tina Fey still lookin like fine wine

  14. Amy D says:

    Tina and Amy, hired by the HFPA to absolutely slam the HFPA 😍

  15. nijast says:

    Nothing will be funnier than the George Clooney/Gravity joke

  16. Serdar Altın says:

    Still can’t believe “I May Destroy You” didn’t get any nomination and Emily in Paris did get 2! This is the world we live in.

    • pjm1022 says:

      Emily in Paris was awful!! I, like Tina Fey, couldn’t tolerate more than 1 episode.

    • Wise Amphibian says:

      We all know why it is… these Hollywood types don’t care about black people, they only care about wokeness. I May Destroy You was genuinely complex and didn’t pander to wokeness, so despite being a masterpiece by black creators it doesn’t get Hollywood recognition.

  17. Belonce Kamz says:

    Amy:”This is the 78th annual Hunger Games” 😂🤣🤣 The other Amy: “Golden globes”. These two Queens are always a vibe😍😍✨.

  18. Arpita Pande says:

    Tina Fey: “Emily in Paris: nominated for best series comedy and musical, I can’t wait to find which one” 😂 so apt!

    Amy: “Brad Pitt is all: Amy, Amy, I am like I am working Dude” 😂

  19. Daisy me rolling says:

    “TV is the one that I watch for 5 hours straight, but a movie is the one that I don’t turn on because it’s 2 hours”
    Never in my life I heard something I completely agree with.

    • K. A Slater says:

      I know right. I laughed so loudly at that

    • warriorbard says:

      I felt so called out because it’s so true!! 🤣🤣🤣

    • Brenna M says:

      Because, with TV shows, you don’t have to commit. You can stop at any point, unlike a movie, where you feel like you have to watch it through to the end. But you won’t. You’ll watch 6 episodes of The Office in a row instead. At least I do.

  20. mark elliott says:

    The laugh track is annoying.

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