Amy Schumer’s Hilarious Acceptance Speech At The GLAMOUR Awards 2015

Amy Schumer’s Hilarious Acceptance Speech At The GLAMOUR Awards 2015

Amy Schumer won the Trailblazer award at the 2015 GLAMOUR Awards. The funny gal had the whole room in hysterics – we heart you Amy Schumer!


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20 Responses

  1. Irene Shen says:

    U go girl! Go get dem dicks

  2. Ionut Andrei says:

    the funny part is the fact tha she uses “like” about every 5 words….”i
    was like…”, “like, you know, like…”…

  3. Gi Ma (Hey You App) says:

    Amy Schumer’s Hilarious Acceptance Speech At The GLAMOUR Awards 2015

  4. VindalooSoup says:

    Like…ummmm… yeah…ummmm..yeah…like…ummmm

  5. Szilard Szerencsei says:

    So, being primitive and vulgar is a glamorous thing. I am sure she can get
    a dick from a hobo whenever she wants – any cow can. Getting a dick from a
    person with qualities is a different story.

    • derbigpr500 says:

      +Szilard Szerencsei Exactly, I wouldn’t fuck her with someone elses dick,
      let alone mine, she’s a 4/10 physically, and probably 2/10 mentally. As a
      medical student I have to chase the women away from me, I don’t see why
      being able to fuck someone who doesn’t deserve to be fucked by you in the
      first place is such an accomplishment nowadays, I prefer someone
      intelligent and decent instead, and hopefully not full of std’s. But what
      can you do, nowadays people are mindless drones with IQ’s below 70, and
      they like stuff like this.

  6. norioki 88 says:

    She is fat.

  7. dblocknyc says:

    Why do white girls say “Like” every other few words lol

  8. Matthew Threats says:

    She’s on top of her game right now

  9. intersanctum says:

    90% of them can get it whenever they want

  10. derbigpr500 says:

    WOW, she’s so funny and intelligent, she’s making dick and cum jokes, wow.
    /sarcasm off

  11. Jaimelyn Gray says:


  12. Matthew McQuilkin says:

    “I’m probably 160 lbs right now and I can catch a dick whenever I want.
    That’s the truth.”

  13. K Louden says:

    my girlfriend made out with her in vegas.

  14. Nate says:

    I wouldnt touch that fatty

  15. joebeimel says:

    If a man talked about “catching pussy” the media would be shitting all over
    him, calling him a chauvinistic pig or misogynist. But since Amy’s a woman,
    her words are celebrated instead cause of”feminism”.

  16. Real100Talk says:

    A female can “catch a dick” that must be a really impossible thing to do.

  17. zugwrack says:

    GENIUS!!! LMAO <3 <3 <3 <3

  18. zugwrack says:

    I love that Jennifer F*cking Saunders is, like, having to catch her breath
    from laughing… or from being appalled while still laughing (4:47). Either
    way…fantastic. <3