Amy Sedaris And Stephen Were Young And Broke

Amy Sedaris And Stephen Were Young And Broke

‘At Home with Amy Sedaris’ star Amy Sedaris and Stephen saw each other or spoke on the phone every day for 15 years.

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65 Responses

  1. Puppeteer Master says:

    MY god no views!? I won! I … I AM THE FIRST ONE HERE!

  2. Lyrics ASF says:

    *Who thinks Bojack horseman is a masterpiece* ??

  3. Ibrahim Al-Muwahidan says:

    I don’t know Amy Sedaris before Bojack Horseman exists and now I’m so confused by her voice.

  4. Nicholas Price says:

    Amy is a national treasure!

  5. CJCryer Buzz says:

    She is so silly. Strangers with Candy ???

  6. New Message says:

    A Giant Waterbug (Lethocerus americanus) may look like a palmetto bug – colloquially called a water bug – (Periplaneta americana), but they are very different critters. The Giant Watebug is totally aquatic, save the males who fly around at night in mid summer, searching for new ponds and females – who then lay eggs on his back – has a nasty, nasty bite. Palmetto Bug bites are harmless, though they themselves carry nasty diseases, and they lay an ‘ootheca’, that can hang on their butts for a day or so, but then falls off, and hatches later. If it has two ‘pinchers’ waving around at you.. be careful!

    See Late Show? This is what happens when you make me wait all night for uploads! I spend all damn day scaring myself with nature videos!

  7. Brian B says:

    I didn’t know Paul DiNello was a producer here!! That makes me feel so good. I miss him from Strangers With Candy! 😀

    • Brian B says:

      DoctorWeeTodd It makes me feel so good inside that Sedaris, DiNello, and Colbert all still get along and work together sometimes. I didn’t know Amy and Paul were engaged! I love all three of them.

    • FlameAdder says:

      He used to make appearance on the show where he and Stephen would talk shop but they stopped two or three years ago

    • Aaron Foltz says:

      Geoffrey. lol. I miss that show. Also Strip Mall with Julie Brown.

    • delfin7461 says:

      +Aaron Foltz OMG, Strip Mall was classic wackiness from all of them!!!

    • delfin7461 says:

      I didn’t either, that’s so cool — love that they have all stayed friends since their paths have been very different.

  8. New Message says:

    Fun Fact: Refugee children are great at improv.

  9. IXCat says:

    I really need a SWC reunion episode where Amy, Stephen and Paul just talk for hours, just like he did for The Daily Show.

  10. Kartoffel Pommes says:

    Such a gem. I adore her!!!

  11. C Righini says:

    I’VE GOT SOMTHIN TO SAY !!!!….I like the hole AND the pole !!!

  12. Vince Champion says:

    OMG!! Stephen, Paul and the AMAZING Amy Sedaris!! Love you guys

  13. What Why says:

    I highly suggest watching the 2 hr compilation of her on Letterman throughout the years.. the best interviews I’ve ever seen.

  14. fT says:

    Amy Sedaris is like your Crazy Aunt… hehe

  15. UsernamesForDummies says:

    That’s some sparkly circus tent!

  16. LOVER LINK says:

    thats goals right there, 3 friends for nearly 30 years and all made it big time

  17. Brodie Clarke says:

    Could watch these 2 great friends talk for hours.

  18. Claudia Ault says:

    Stephen, Amy and Paul.
    Friendship goals ?

  19. Sha Liz says:

    I love when he gets together with his old comedy friends. It’s always a great time. ??

  20. Shane Rothery says:

    These three (Stephen, Amy and Paul) wrote a hilarious book called Wigfield. Find the audiobook, which they all narrate (mostly Stephen). You won’t regret it!

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