@AmySchumer Defends Herself Against Stealing Jokes on the @JimNorton Show – @OpieRadio

@AmySchumer Defends Herself Against Stealing Jokes on the @JimNorton Show – @OpieRadio

Amy Schumer goes on the Jim Norton Advice Show to defend herself against stealing jokes, Lights Camera Jackson at the Critics Choice Awards, and more.

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20 Responses

  1. Jay Martin says:

    What happened to women having respect for themselves? She thinks she’s
    “empowered” when really she’s portraying herself as an immature whore.

  2. Marcus Blaser says:

    She is still funny as hell and I will always support her. There is no need
    for this type of name calling.

  3. prekreich says:

    Where is Patrice when you need him?

  4. Dopamine OdioAudio says:

    if any of you clowns in the comments ever wrote a joke or a song….you
    would know how easy it is to inadvertently come with an idea that someone
    else came up with

  5. Dopamine OdioAudio says:

    if any of you morons in the comments knew anything about writing
    jokes…you would know how easy it is mistakenly write a joke that someone
    else wrote

  6. luis Hernández says:

    she’s annoying

  7. AdvncdWrfre1iF3 _ says:

    “If you make fun of someone over the internet than I feel bad for you.” *Proceeds
    to talk trash about other people over the internet for 45 minutes*

  8. Atirus Gaming says:

    Her standup schtick about being a drinking slut but yet acceptable behavior
    (well, she seems to think it is) is old. And i don’t find it funny, cause
    people who know actual women like that is not anything but funny now. Its
    funny when you are in your early 20’s. But she’s in her 30’s! Can’t do
    intelligent jokes, so i’ll just be a drunktard slut!

  9. Chase Milner says:

    these comments are cancer

  10. Taylor Oezer says:

    I like Amy and I don’t care if she tried to take someone’s joke. people
    it’s a fucking joke, calm the fuck down

  11. brad dard says:

    Bitch you dumb

  12. Rigsby 1 says:

    I’ve never seen all these bits that I’ve allegedly stolen….

  13. Philo B says:

    13:20 on

    Success does not give women satisfaction

  14. kuuroki says:

    the woman whose entire schtick is that she’s a whore gets mad that somebody
    made a joke about her being a whore? k

  15. Glen Baker says:

    I just don’t believe her, too much coincidence in the Patrice bit.

  16. Antonio M says:

    Amy is a good comedian with no need to steel jokes!

  17. Big_Potato_dad says:

    she’s just not funny at all

  18. Nietzsche's Moustache says:

    I just don’t care about these people anymore. I don’t know or care if
    Schumer stole jokes. I’m just glad that Norton compromised his integrity
    for someone who is only ever going to use him. Keep giving the “anonymous
    assholes” the business Jimmy. I’m sure it will pay dividends.

  19. ric woods says:

    She’s the funniest female I’ve ever heard, and the #1 comic out there now.
    I love Amy and I hope she doesn’t get discouraged by all the negativity.
    Long live Amy Schumer!

  20. MrTFPrime says:

    You people are ridiculous. Neither of us know Amy or Norton personally. So
    how dare any of us make accusations as if we know what they’re doing or
    what they’ve done. Unbelievable