An All-New Pokémon Series Is Coming

An All-New Pokémon Series Is Coming

A brand-new Pokémon series has been announced!

Join two new characters and three Paldea starter Pokémon as they adventure through the exciting world of Pokémon! Plus, commemorate Ash’s journey with a collection of special episodes concluding Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series.

Coming soon in 2023 and beyond!

Official Site:

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29 Responses

  1. TheTitaniumSamurott says:

    After more than two decades Ash’s journey has reached it’s final chapter…
    It’s hard not to feel a little emotional.

    • zof says:

      @TheTitaniumSamurott he’s been 11 before?!

    • Diana45251 says:

      @LadyLeomon I still believe his journey is not over tbh he’s not master yet

    • Chaos of madness says:

      @Αντωνης Δουροςnope

    • raymkkkk says:

      My emotion is thank god, I was tired of ash ever since the diamon and pearl season. Literally one of the weakest trainers that has the luck of the irish lol. I like pikachu, but I’m glad ash is gone. I stopped watching fully long ago thanks to ash.

    • Rdamgapp says:

      bro, i can remember when i was young. watch pokemon, enjoy all episodes. diamond and pearl , the pokemon movies. pains me to hear they want to stop ash. after everything comes an end 🥹🥹

  2. SaDVeC says:

    25 years of adventures, and now, we have only 11 episodes left with Ash and Pikachu, this goes hard

    • Pynz Lyngdoh Nonglait says:


    • darknessblade says:

      Make that at least 12. as I can guarantee you that they will give him at least a Cameo or 2 in the new series.

    • Pizza Patrica says:

      I don’t even want to watch the last 11 episodes, I want to keep that excitement knowing that there are still more episodes to watch

  3. Sneaky42 says:

    RIP to our fellow trainers who weren’t able to be here to finally see Ash and Pikachu’s journey come to an end.

    • KimmiGirl9 says:

      They’re here in spirit

    • Zach says:

      @darknessblade I’m the one that jumped in late into the series. I started watching the series in mid late 2020 starting Indigo League. Right now I’m at season 8 (Advanced Battle) and after hearing the news, it made me depressed. (Edit: fixed typo)

    • darknessblade says:

      Or those that Jumped in late in the series, and do not know all the backstory and all the old pokemon references

      Especially as that latias makes me think its the same one of the 5th movie.

      which I know because there aren’t many Latias in the series that have a connection to Ash

  4. George_217 says:

    It’s sad to see Ash in his final chapter of his journey, he really had gone through a lot and succeeded well too, thank you for making our childhoods so memorable and amazing

  5. A for Adventure says:

    He literally made my childhood, & EVERYONE’S! It’s really a very hard goodbye. Thank you Ash Ketchum for everything. You will forever be the Pokemon Master in our eyes- cause you ARE the very best like no one ever was.✨💔

  6. BlueZ ASMR says:

    Really tough to hear that Ash is actually leaving the anime after 25 years of our childhood. He has made us grow since we were kids. After all the “the journey continues” lines, this is really his end. I really hope the next chapter of the Pokemon anime will be better and the protagonist will be amazing just like Ash. This is the end.. it was one hell of a ride. But good things don’t last forever, so goodbye Ash and Pikachu. I’ll never forget you guys for the memories you gave me, thank you 😭

    • Jules119 says:

      @The Official Pokémon YouTube channel Please bring him back I. Paldea

    • The Official Pokémon YouTube channel says:

      Thank you for following Ash through his humble beginnings in Pallet Town to becoming World Champion and more! ❤

      There’s always something new to discover in the Pokémon world and we can’t wait for you to join us on these adventures soon!

    • Jameson Flanders Alt 3 says:

      ash is an idiot so i’m kinda glad to see we’ll be focusing on someone else. it’s fine to focus on him every now and again, but after a good couple seasons he gets annoying tbh. i wanna see someone new, this can also actually be refreshing in a sense that if they make basic mistakes, it wont be nearly as frustrating as they wont have as much experience as ash has had. and maybe they wont be beaten by a level 5 snivy lol

    • Sonic gaming Kirby fan 2005 v2 says:

      Sayonara. Ash and pikachu. 🥲

    • OP GAMER says:

      You are right bro it’s emotional

  7. Primarina Princess says:

    The greatest thing about Ash’s journey is that we can watch it from the beginning to the end now as many times as we want. This isn’t a goodbye, this is a “See you later”. I grew up with Ash, I watched him from Kanto through Galar, now he’s a step closer to becoming a Pokémon Master now that he’s the world champion. If I miss him, I can put on one of the movies or rewatch old episodes. But I’m looking forward to seeing what this new Pokémon anime brings us. Thanks Ash and Pikachu, you made my childhood all the better and made me love Pokémon even as an adult.

  8. faizan hafeez says:

    A hero, a legend and a dear old friend. What a journey! The emotional overflow is too much to bear. Ash and Pikachu, you are, were and always will be our Champions

  9. Tri Moblin says:

    He truly was- and still is the very best, like no one ever was, is, or will be. Thank you Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town. It was an adventure we will never forget.

  10. PkmnMasterNeb says:

    While I don’t watch the Pokémon anime nowadays, I’ll never forget the memories I have watching ash’s journey as a trainer as a kid. I’m happy to know his story is finally coming to an end. The new characters look really great too!

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