An Elden Ring Story ► The Lord of Frenzied Flame

An Elden Ring Story ► The Lord of Frenzied Flame

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00:00 Prepare to Cry
20:31 Cry a lot

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►The Legend of Castle Morne: “Race Against time” by Hampus Naeselius
►Meeting Kale: “Asteroids” by Yi Nantiro
►Edgar’s Betrayal: “A Man with No Eyes” by Trailer Worx
►Yura’s Mission: “Watchman” by Yi Nantiro
►Meeting Hyetta: “Orcus” by Lennon Hutton
►Shabriri Grape Reveal: “The Clearing” by Golden Anchor
►Shabriri’s Slander & Kale’s Search for Home: “Haumea” by Lennon Hutton
►Hyetta’s finds her purpose: “Absence of Light” by Prozody
►Vyke, The dragon spear: “Stuck in the Apocalyptic Vision” by At the End of Times, Nothing
►The Evergaol Duel: “Call of the North” by Niklas Johansson
►Yura as Shabriri: “An Obssesion” by Dayon
►Melina’s final plea: “character creation” from Elden Ring OST
►Destroying the Golden Order: “Yole Kross Ayle (The Song of the Dead)” by Ian Post

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30 Responses

  1. Mispap1 says:

    I hope everyone enjoyed the unsettling tone we went for to match the horror of this quest line. Vaati and I want to make each installment in this series stand apart from the rest, both visually and thematically, and I think we definitely accomplished that for this one. Can’t wait to keep evolving the series, thanks for watching!

    • Tomi says:

      Oh absolutely it was great!

    • Erik Petrovich says:

      This is the best video on video game lore ever made. Whatever you did, you did right.

    • Deez Clowns says:


    • melvinISmischievous says:

      I like the work… but this is labeled under a prepare to cry. This is prepare for a story and action shots. I miss the gloom and sad tone. Not hur dur she died he went mad and then this guy went crazy after his maiden unlived. 20% less theatrics and use that effort for some doom and gloom. These are worlds that have been locked in ages that has taken almost everything but the last few slivers of hope. Why am I watching 2 people fight in pvp? Cool shots just doesn’t make sense to make prepare to cry an action series… fight was 10% of this video. Actual prepare to cry info was around 12 minutes the rest was filler.

    • Anubis Cerberus says:


  2. Giovanni Provost says:

    “Divest yourself of everything” that line and the hopelessness and sadness and acceptance is so eerie and appropriate for the situation Kale finds himself in. It’s masterful stuff (cut content)

  3. NoBitt says:

    My three favorite things about the Vyke duel:

    1. The Dual estus chug
    2. The Tarnished’s helmet breaking and revealing his face to be the mirror of Edgar, much like Hyetta and Irina
    3. Vyke straight up tanking the giant boulder like the gigachad he is

    • Vinayak Kothari says:

      I used Blaidd’s greatsword and killed him in 5 hits.
      I didn’t even want to cheese him.

    • xXKingslayer94Xx says:

      was drinking some water while that part of the fight happaend, nearly spewed it all over my keyboard. for some reason vyke just full sprinting through a boulder and it having 0 effect really broke something inside me and i laughed really hard for a bit

    • Mad Scientist says:

      Dont forget the clashing dragonfire

  4. Mariya 0ver L!ve says:

    Melina’s rhetoric about the beauty that can be found in this broken world was really touching when I first heard it, Melina’s VA really nailed it with her intonations. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the Flame of Frenzy is the ultimate expression of nihilism.

    • AlfaDarik117 says:

      @elihan9 When a forest is sick and infested, the only way to remove the taint is to burn it all away. But the fire dose not burn eternal, it burns away the old and leaves the ashes to nurture what comes next. Maybe the next Tarnished to come to these lands from afar will make a better land than what came before, maybe they won’t. But it can always be burned away and made new.

    • Itta Pupu says:

      @Sekira Your point being….?

    • Infidel-icious says:

      If the player character can beat Malenia then we will have no problem rolling through Melina and her empty threat. Her monotone way of speaking annoys me anyway.

    • Bintavi says:

      Yo just so y’all know I’m pretty sure this is a bit that copied someone else’s comment

  5. Filipe MIBACH says:

    The camera shots are really on point, it’s eye-candy to see everything well alligned. It’s fun just to watch it

  6. RainFrost says:

    Man…Kalé’s deleted dialogue with the music and just the way the actor delievered his lines have made me shed tears. Truly masterful

  7. Potz says:

    “Then thats what they shall get from us!!!” Damn! The sheer emotion from this line.

    I wish I could hug Santa Kale 🙁

  8. Rafa la Garrafa says:

    Also, I love how the theme of eyes is very prominent when talking about the Frenzyed Flame and also in vengeance with “an eye for an eye, and the whole world goes blind” is so beautiful and poetic

    • Kuri Curry says:

      Ah, this is epic!
      Also the ‘descent into madness’ as we made our climb downwards to see the 3 fingers. Just sheer poetic genius!!

  9. Wandering Flame says:

    29:44 Only do shorter prepare to cries if the stores themselves are short- otherwise, keep up this amazing work with yourself and your team. Your narration, Alex’s music, and Mispap’s cinematography are absolutely outstanding. this episode just blew me away with how well everything was pieced together

  10. *:*: Hamster Muffin :*:* says:

    Oh my god the cinematics in this is just amazing! I could watch a whole feature length film of Elden Ring if it was done like this!

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