An Elden Ring Story ► The Warrior Within

An Elden Ring Story ► The Warrior Within

Challenge: Try not to cry. Difficulty level: Impossible.
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00:00 Try not to cry
25:35 Cry a lot

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38 Responses

  1. Mispap1 says:

    Getting to create this video with Vaati has been an absolute dream of mine, and I couldn’t be happier with our final vision. Hopefully everyone enjoyed my cinematic editing and recording style. Within the lands between, there are so many stories for us to tell, and this is just the beginning!

    Big shoutout to Zullie the Witch for help with the Cheat engine, and Frans Bouma for his camera mod, which makes these videos possible

  2. Deerstalker Pictures says:

    The cinematography, the music, the editing, the writing – all next level. Thank you.

  3. girl_dm_ says:

    of all the people i fought in elden ring, beating juno made me feel the worst 🙁 i read the armor descriptions and just felt so sad. diallos’ questline definitely hit the hardest

    • Lana's Pepsi Pussy says:

      Millicent’s questline hit the hardest for me. I literally cried in the end. She was the one character I would have liked to save if I could. At least nothing bad happens to Roderika and Master Hewg (if you don’t count them staying in the burning RTH as canon). 🥲

    • nezuko club 🌸 says:

      @Ragora if u tell him hes beautiful he lives

    • Ragora says:

      Boc the seamstress would like to have a word with you about saddest stories 😢

    • xristo702 says:

      Yep, him and great horned tragoth….

    • truejimbob says:

      I’m sad I missed such a huge questline in the game. I had assumed the quests were separate regarding Alexander and Diallos

  4. Battle Cubes says:

    I didn’t even noticed, that first recusent, he is wearing Gideons gowns. He was probably a spy sent by Gideon, both as an eye into the recusents happenings, and possibly an early attempt to remove you as a potential elden lord.

  5. Haoquan Liang says:

    “Lend me strength, O warriors within! Let us become one champion together!”
    I’m definitely not crying.

  6. Spiny Slasher says:

    “The tale of house Hoslow is told in blood.”

    Hero ahead,
    Tears ahead.

  7. Havok says:

    Hands down the best Elden Ring video i’ve ever seen and probably will see, every second is just perfect

  8. Krom the Impaler says:

    i was not prepared… this got me several times. Even after playing these quests through countless times, they only really hit home when you lend your voice to them. Thanks Vaati and Mispap

  9. WhatsNewBois says:

    As mighty warriors will say: “The tale of champions is told in legends”
    Not unkillable but forever immortalized upon the pages of history.

  10. Gromek999 says:

    I think this may be one of your best videos. honestly.

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