An Elevator That Actually Goes Sideways

An Elevator That Actually Goes Sideways

I’ve filmed a paternoster lift; I’ve filmed the strange Genoa elevator that sort-of goes sideways. So when I got an email from Thyssenkrupp, an elevator company, saying “come and see our Multi elevator that actually goes sideways”, I wasn’t going to turn it down.

Full disclosure: Thyssenkrupp paid for my travel to Germany, but that’s all they did. I’d got in touch with them last year asking to see this when it opened; their PR firm replied, offering to fly me out. They had no editorial control over this, and didn’t get to see it before it was uploaded!

More information about Multi:

Thanks to Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin) for help editing the interviews!

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20 Responses

  1. Tom Scott says:

    Feel free to argue whether I should have made the title “elevator” or “lift” here. (No, this isn’t a sponsored video: pull down the description for more about that!)

  2. CaptainBlocker says:

    But can it go forward and backwards?

  3. lammy1234567890 says:

    This was actually commissioned by a certain W. Wonka

  4. JSD123 says:

    Is that not a horizontallator? A latteralator?

  5. Ian Witten says:

    this higher than the highest building in the Netherlands 🙁

  6. Will B-C says:

    All we need now is a chocolate river. Then we can start going full on Willy Wonka.

  7. Fly says:

    The German accents! Ahhh! (Greetings from their region, I actually saw the tower multiple times)

  8. MicroBlogganism says:

    The Lift Trilogy is complete

  9. Olly Barry says:

    Do you even lift bro?

  10. Halefall says:

    now, this could make for some very interesting new skyscraper shapes. It just needs bold enough architects (which I’m sure are plenty) and very wealthy investors, who might be more difficult to find. But I bet this’ll be eventually used somewhere in Dubai.

  11. Gregory Chamberlain says:

    Why would an elevator like this be practical?

  12. Ludvig Oftedal Vinje says:

    Theres a lift in Oslo that moves diagonally if you need something for next year.

  13. Alpha Adhito says:

    Krupp is also making elevator? Wow, if i ever see that. _Ze legendary Krupp Stahl_

  14. François Otten says:

    I wonder what the energy consumption of such an elevator is compared to that of a standard elevator.

  15. Matthew Trzcinski says:

    So many parts, aka “points of failure”.

  16. TheQwampa says:

    In which June will you show a space elevator?

  17. Square Play'n says:

    These lifts can also accelerate incredibly fast with a super high top-speed. Way faster than the humans riding it would be able to handle. The main part of this system is actually developed by ProDrive, Eindhoven. I had a tour there, they have a really interesting factory. Super small, yet super efficient, automated and suitable for many many different products. Doesn’t look like a factory at all, they even have research in the same building as it. I’d imagine they’d be more than happy to give you a tour and show you the way main part is built and developed (spoiler, it’s very interesting).

  18. PaintedEevee says:

    “… should reduce a free-fall drop from fatal to just severe injures says Tom with a slight chuckle.

  19. Nick Baron says:

    Tom Scott: Elevator/Lift review channel

  20. YPOC says:

    Hey Tom, you misspelled ‘Thyssenkrupp’ in the captions at 3:45

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