An Extended Look at Armored Core 6

An Extended Look at Armored Core 6

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00:00 This is awkward…
02:08 Gameplay Breakdown
09:38 The Garage
12:58 The Boss & Miniboss
14:59 HUD Breakdown

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32 Responses

  1. Alex Lockwood says:

    Two armoured core videos so shortly after one another? Yes please

  2. Spectacular_Insanity says:

    What impresses me the most is despite the speed and agility of the mech units, they still have the feeling of mass and momentum without feeling either “floaty” or “sluggish”. A subtle but absolutely impressive achievement by the animators and artists to hit that sweet spot, imo.

    • Mikell Czermendy says:

      Agreed. We also haven’t seen too much gameplay of a really heavy-style tank mech. Betting that will feel really substantial compared to these lighter, boost-focused mechs we’re seeing right now (makes sense to showcase those early on, makes the action more frantic and flashy).

    • hawk 7886 says:

      It’ll really come down to the customization and controls. Traditionally you could spec out a really lightweight scout AC or a beefy tank AC that moved at a fraction of the top speed.

    • Benjamin Beltran says:

      What speed? It’s slow AF.

    • —ValorWint71 says:

      @Benjamin Beltran mean sure it’s not AC:FA but I think most can agree that AC:FA while fun was also too fast at times.

    • Sojo says:

      @—ValorWint71 If you were built quick enough you could outrun the lockon despite being in someone’s sights the entire time. It was too fast for its own good, in some ways >.>

  3. kyle bernardelli says:

    As a “newer” Fromsoft fan, I’ve never had the chance to play the original armored core games, but this looks genuinely amazing and I can’t wait to sink many hours into it.

    • squeleton dread says:

      as a Hardcore one, I can tell that I am as excited as you are !
      This one looks by far to be the cleanest and smoothest with all the animations and combat.
      I remember old ones give more the impression to play a tank on 2 feets rather than piloting a mech :’).
      But as the game progressed over the years I can see even today they conserved this Mechanical way of movement and not be a japanese anime mech that are ultra nervous, while making it more enjoyable to play and master.
      yeah I know I’m selling the fckin franchise but man this is my favorite franchise of game 😀

    • zDeadHeadFredz says:

      @squeleton dread Same, I cannot wait for this exciting new addition!

    • squeleton dread says:

      @zDeadHeadFredz To be honest I might go full apeshit and just buy that 200€ collector.
      I mean damn I waited 10 years for this shit

  4. Druid says:

    I’m in love with the impact sounds for missiles and the melee hits

  5. Slick Silver says:

    Vaati, I gotta give you credit. You are one of the very few youtubers who is a soulsbourne content creator who actually put time into the AC series so you can make really good analysis vids. That takes dedication (especially with buying the physical games Bless🙏🏾). I wish more Youtubers actually just played an AC game before making content

  6. Plush Lord Of The Seas says:

    I’m a little sad there are less part categories,
    but I hope that means they added more parts to every other category to give us more fine tuning options.

  7. Cole Elkins says:

    The metal pipes falling at 5:20 was immaculate.

  8. YamiZuki says:

    i just finished the last armored core video and i’m blown away by the level of detail of the environment, i knew that the game would look good, but i’m didn’t expect to look that good.

  9. GooTheMighty says:

    I’ve been playing the original on the Vita, and the loose lock is great for picking enemies out of a frantic group and nailing them with missiles. That said I deeeeefinitely miss having a hard lock whenever Ranked ACs show up to challenge you one on one.
    Those bastards are REALLY good at keeping you in their sights as the dart up into the air or around behind you, and I am constantly loosing sight of them, baring radar.

  10. Taylor Beebe says:

    As someone who has played almost every single armors core release since I was a kid, this is hands down the most polished this game has ever been. Holy shit.

    • Doom Guy says:

      Same dude, I remember on Christmas day getting a PS1 with final fantasy 7 and the first armored core. I’m so beyond hype for this.

    • hawk 7886 says:

      Shit, I’d hope it would be the most polished, considering it’s been a decade since the last one

    • Darsch Pugs says:

      @Doom Guy same! Armored core was one of the first games I bought when I got my playstation 1 back in 97

    • Benjamin Beltran says:

      Polished yes, AC nope.

    • Deja Vu says:

      @Benjamin Beltran I mean… the name of the game says armored core… xD. but for real, maybe it will be a “good game” but not a good “Armored Core game” if that makes sense.

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