An Extraordinary Moment

An Extraordinary Moment


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41 Responses

  1. Levi Allen says:

    I might be a Mendes fan now..

  2. Tom M says:

    Only word for this: INCREDIBLE

  3. Danny Casale says:

    Was an honor to attend the screening, such a great documentary 🔥

  4. Akshay Joshi says:

    Just watched the film. What an awesome job 368! Congratulations to you and Shawn 🙂

  5. Jump Crouch says:

    That audience is like 90% female lol.

    • Seymour says:

      yup… i wonder if he realises what that means about him but i don’t think he does , this guy seems to me like he has a massive ego .

  6. Chase Adams says:

    “Am I wearing 2 pairs of sunglasses?” LOL Love you Casey.

  7. Akhil Emmanuel says:

    I jUsT laNdED In JaPaN FoR ThE BaRe SkIn PrOjEct

  8. Chris joe says:

    I want a third person view of Casey vlogging if you know what I mean ❤️😂

  9. Diego Pedroza says:

    You’re one of the few YouTubers that seeing them get their diamond button gave me chills. You’ve earned this, man. Congrats and thanks for the constant inspiration.

  10. Ami Yamato says:

    That is the gentlest unboxing I’ve ever seen from Casey!

  11. MoonbearDiedHere says:

    What happened to always wearing a helmet on the boosted board ?

  12. Fly With Stella says:

    Dang that 10M diamond plaque looks heavy 🤩

  13. EVAL says:

    Does anyone know an @ for the random girl at 4:47? For a research project of course

  14. WHY SO SERIOUS says:

    The few men probably had a good time at this event 😉

  15. TheChowDown says:

    I love how Shawn when down and sat with the fans to watch the documentary…melted my heart! Love how down to earth he is. Loved the documentary and definitely looking forward to more. Also, congrats on 10 million!

  16. That LIFEBoy1000 says:

    When I got the notification, dunno why, but I thought Candice had the baby…

  17. The Woman With No Head says:

    I don’t even know who TF that Shawn mendes kid was …

  18. Emma Taylor I MÅSTURВÂTÈ MY PUSSY TAPME! says:

    Moldova si Romania

  19. JoBJ16 says:

    i can remember finding casey on youtube with just 20k subs some years back. It’s been a long time, keep up the good work casey, i’m proud of you!

  20. Schmmores says:

    Just the entire positive vibe about this video is absolutely incredible. Massive respect for both these talented individuals!

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