An Honest Review of The KSI Boxing Event….

An Honest Review of The KSI Boxing Event….


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0:00 – 1:09 KSI vs. Swarmz
1:09 – 2:06 Salt Papi vs. Andy Warski
2:06 – 5:07 King Kenny vs. FaZe Sensei
5:07 – 7:12 Deji vs. Fousey
7:12 – 8:31 FaZe Temperrr vs. Slim Albaher
8:31 – 10:22 KSI vs. Luis Alcaraz Pineda

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43 Responses

  1. Cole Logan says:

    Deji and JJ sharing their moment together was such a wholesome vibe.

  2. Smokey222 says:

    Felt sorry for JJ, his fights were so cringe to watch because how bad his opponents were. Great event anyway

    • Redox says:

      @police woman Because His punches where worse. He even Hit him when He was on the Floor lmao. You act Like you are a pro the ref and every other commentator didnt think it was a huge Deal but i guess you know better

    • police woman says:

      @Redox that still an illegal punch, even if it’s just one punch it can still cause a lot of damage, you can go into comas, you may have to learn how to walk again ect. When Logan Paul threw 2 illegal punches everyone called him out for it, but because it’s KSI it’s not wrong 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Clayton Hughes says:

      @Setsuna well that’s cap lol. He threw maybe a couple reckless punches. But boxing isn’t always clean and all technique. Some situations and the adrenaline makes you just swing mad. So your comment is pretty wrong lol

    • family boy says:

      @Hash2272 He threw 1 windmill against pineda because he was a trackstar. How do you want someone to knock out a runner? Jabs??? Ksi knocked down pineda with uppercuts and overhands. He knocked out Swarmz with a mean overhand.

    • Vindaloo says:

      @Hash2272 so does Mike Tyson

  3. Mane Mane says:

    Honestly see JJ’s improvement. His punches are more accurate and they hurt when they land. His cardio is elite. Both opponents were extreme fodder matches who gave up after getting hit once. JJ needs to keep working on shrinking the ring to capitalize on opponents who run from contact. He also needs to develop patience to prevent his subconscious habit of wild swings. You can tell he was expecting more offense from opponents.

    • Tay-K says:

      @Agony don’t you realise he was going for the knockout, he’ll show his technical ability once he fights a stronger opponent. You really think he hasn’t improved his boxing ability since the weller fight

    • AakifslayerV2 says:

      U lot need to understand for 1 it was a way to wash off ring rust which fair enough if it was just swarmz but 2 ppl in one night is crazy no matter the level.
      He judged his opponent based on the term out on him “pro” what more do you ppl want his intention was there it ain’t his fault the clown was acting like a whole circus. Also people need to understand that when an opponent is running from you it’s a lot harder to land accurate punches so when someone Is actually n the offence I’m sure his technique will be better then but it’s true that it’s something that he should work on nonetheless.

    • demonsluger says:

      @Gamlin Mige why dont we get JJ vs Vidal?

    • CoolToMe says:

      His style changed up a fair bit between fights so it seems like a game plan rather than lack of concentration but he was waaaaaay more wild against pineda. Very much resorted back to old JJ

    • Hasim made me a track star.🏃 says:

      @HardAnall Jr. Yeah and still wanted to fight after the 2nd fight so what are you on about lol he did push ups in the ring.😂

  4. Blaze says:

    Honestly I think swarms needs respect, he did well for someone who just learned how to fight.

    • HiP3R SniP3R says:

      @Soph _ow well obviously for getting in the ring

    • Allow-it Man says:

      @Cilinator correct, you never said he was good, but u did say he learned to box in 2 weeks and I told u that he claimed to be a street fighter and a road man..surely street fighters and roadmen should know how to throw a proper punch yeah?..that’s my point ,can u disagree? No u can’t 🤣🤣

    • Soph _ow says:

      @Cilinator wasn’t talking to you the og comment said “he did well” which he didn’t technically

    • Cilinator says:

      @Allow-it Man I think you need to learn to read properly. I never said he was good or anything

    • Cilinator says:

      @Soph _ow Maybe you, and some others, need to reread my comment. I said “learned”. I didn’t say that he was good or something

  5. Robert Azinovic says:

    JJ deserves a huge respect for doing everything to keep the event alive and going. There were a lot of other fighters on the card, worked for months and it would be taken away from them just because JJ’s opponent faked an injury.

    • Martin_official says:

      @Lu Mayne Rakman said To Jake to fight him on the KSI undercard and Rakmans check would go to the fighter Jaked fucked over.

    • Lu Mayne says:

      which is exactly what happened to the fighters on jake’s card when he pussies out of the rahman fight. a lot of people seem to not mention how he fucked everyone over

  6. Get V-Bucks With Patrícia Gamer says:

    i was definitely entertained the whole night and JJ 100% showed how much he’s improved but I feel like he needed to knock one of them out cold for people to stop hating on him

  7. CHD Family says:

    Honestly KSI’s opponents looked ready to fight until he hit them. Lol

  8. DeeWiz17 says:

    Honestly Simon wasn’t lying when he said he saw a change in Deji🙌🏾

  9. Hasan Usman says:

    haven’t watched this vid but the event was great how fast paced it was and all the fight were great

  10. Geethaka Caldera says:

    6:47 didn’t not expect this even though we should expect this 😂

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