An OG from The Karate Kid makes a return | Cobra Kai

An OG from The Karate Kid makes a return | Cobra Kai

Miyagi-Do dojo marches to a different kind of beat. Don’t miss the new season of Cobra Kai coming April 24.

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94 Responses

  1. Raghu Seetharaman says:

    John G. Avildsen always knew how to make an underdog story and he was the king of making underdog fillms. He is integral to his legacy. The rivalry about to begin.

  2. WillDuhFoh says:

    Jaden Smith does NOT exist in this dojo, does he?

  3. subscribe for a donut says:

    I wish I could sleep for weeks so I don’t have to wait
    Edit: please stop saying it’s a coma. I get it

  4. KontryBoy706 says:

    I can’t wait. I’m going to watch season 1 again for the 3rd time lol!

  5. Nick Vlogs says:

    The only reason I got YouTube premium

  6. NidgeDFX says:

    Why 99% of us have YT Red!!!!!

  7. David Kain says:

    Such a great series they keep it true to the original it’s perfect!!

    • steven lindsay says:

      vik saggu not sure I agree with that. This Series lends itself to the movies very much so. Constant ref, flash backs etc. You get the real depth of the main characters Johnny and Daniel by knowing their past and previous actions from the first film and then Daniel more in the sequels hence the small old toy from part 2 movie. Sure you can like the show but to get the most enjoyment you need to watch the movies

    • Andre Walker says:

      I agree

    • FBN Flavius Broadcasting Network says:

      Yeah ACTUAL modern day PROFESSIONALS! Mind blowing isn’t it???

    • Juan Douglas says:

      Why does macchio look younger here than in season 1.

    • idfwu rudy says:

      +steven lindsay only seen the first one and I love this much better.

  8. Ram Sw says:

    Who do you think is stronger..
    Like for miguel
    Comment for robby

  9. brihana25 says:

    So, safe to say Daniel is no more happy about Robby’s attitude than Johnny is with Miguel and Hawk then.

    • Aaron Rudolph says:

      elenatria It feels like Daniel’s main motivation is revenge.

    • HmongNinjatsu says:

      I like how Daniel changed the way how Robby acts.

    • Tara Dixon says:

      Justin Patten I agree regarding Robby’s relationship with his mom. I think his relationship with Johnny is more complicated- in part, because of his mom. There is, however, still definitely an element of wanting to get back at Johnny in most of Robby’s actions. I believe Robby truly cares about Daniel- while also appreciating that their relationship causes Johnny pain. Two birds, one stone. And in this clip too, you can see the Robby is pleased by the thought of opposing his dad. Targeting an injury may be objectionable to some, but it isn’t actually cheating. The only really shitty thing that Miguel does during the tournament is yank on Robby’s arm. But is Robby truly offering to help Miguel up in that moment, or is he just taking an opportunity to lord over him? I have found that different people have very different readings of Robby’s intention there. Miguel obviously feels it’s the latter.

    • M says:

      He should have let him hold the drum.

  10. Michael Michael says:

    NO MERCY????

  11. TKDLION says:

    That look on Daniel’s face at the end. I think he needs a WhatWouldMiyagiDo bracelet or something to keep him on the right path.

    • Deep Mind X says:

      TKDLION Daniel knows His Rivalry with Johnny isn’t what it used to be, even at the end of season 1 Daniel tells Robbie no matter what happens Johnny is your father, & you’re gonna need to make amends with him at some point

    • hamilton euzarraga says:

      Wwmd bracelets need to be a thing. Youtube?

    • John Anderson says:

      That’s what I told my kids he’s nit following what Miyagi taught him . Fir defense only not to get in rivalry with Johnny. Miyagi always tried making up with Sato finally git thru to him

    • Chuck D's All-New Classic TV Clubhouse says:

      And it’s a fitting intentional pun, given the name of Daniel’s dojo!

  12. Ali Jaffery says:

    April 2019 is gonna be so lit!

    Game of Thrones Season 8
    Cobra Kai Season 2
    Avengers: End Game
    My 32nd birthday

  13. Someone Anonymous says:

    In reality Daniel isn’t doing what Miyagi is saying. His teachings are for defense only. Johnny doesn’t want any trouble with Daniel. And Daniel is still holding on to his grudges. Seems that both sides have demons.

    • the box138 says:

      +J SHANGHAIbravo for the good job putting the verbal smack down on mr too familiar, I mean the balls on em , Danny???? This generation , I don’t have words….

    • Keithnash13 says:

      this comment!

    • Andrea Deamon says:

      +dustin barlow oh trust me – this has been deeply discussed in our household. Would’ve blown your mind of all of the things I’ve brought up on the show!

    • Chuck D's All-New Classic TV Clubhouse says:

      I agree completely…seems like they’re both having trouble letting go of the past, but that’s undoubtedly what will help drive the plot in this new season…4/24, baby!

    • Paul Morton says:

      Someone Anonymous I Agee With you

  14. Will Pappin says:

    3rd rule of Miyagi Do karate

    Trick boy into chore-karates.

  15. Alexandros Simitzis says:

    I love it how they keep Mr Miyagi’s spirit alive in this scene and in general.

    • High Comanding Oh Yeah Yeah says:

      Eliel Alfonso Heras Lozada not in the case he asked Johnny five girls radio back me Johnny threaten him back off without actually trying to reason with Daniel Johnny decided to push him to ground Daniel goes into self-defensive mode in conclusion Johnny is the real assholes doesn’t matter how many daddy issues he’s had in his past that’s not way to treat people when they try reason with you can’t fight fire with fire ?

    • Godfist says:

      +Eliel Alfonso Heras Lozada you mean he defended the girl, while Johny pushed him with the radio and then Daniel hit back.

    • Carlos Morales says:

      They have to keep mr. Miyagi Spirit alive without mr. Miyagi it’s not the same

    • SPECIALIST 10 says:

      Eliel Alfonso Heras Lozada How is that relevant when Daniel wasn’t being trained by Mr. Miyagi??
      & How in the world is that possible when Daniel got hit first??? you need to watch the movie & take it for what it is

    • yoshi toshi says:

      It would be the same as like having Starwars without Yoda basically.

  16. 320speed says:

    Literally the only reason i still have my YouTube Premium subscription.

  17. Retro Crunch says:

    Daniel wasnt happy with Robby using him to get back at Johnny. Woooo I see some MIYAGO NO in his future.

  18. Retro Crunch says:

    The _second_ rule of -FightClub- errrrr *MiyagiDo* is: You do not talk about *MiyagiDo*

  19. FJ Ramos Art says:

    This is beautiful! So much respect to the originals. Thanks for keeping Mr. Miyagi alive.

  20. Bad Bishop says:

    “Daniel san, if karate used to defend life, defend honor, karate mean something..If used to defend plastic trophy, karate no mean nothing.” – Mr. Miyagi

    • crpsaiyan says:

      I’m sure that’s what he would be telling Daniel if he were still alive to see what is going on. Right now, Daniel is under the impression that Johnny has resurrected the dirty version of karate, especially after what happened at the tournament. Unfortunately, because neither he nor Johnny communicate effectively, both of them are missing the mark with the message they are bringing across. They both have the same goal — Johnny wants to toughen up these kids who are low in their self esteem, since life is bound to throw a curveball at one point or another, and he wants them to be able to stand up to any obstacle in their path. Daniel wants to help those who are in trouble as well, but he has more of a Zen approach to his teaching methods.

    • Bad Bishop says:

      +crpsaiyan Also, Miyagi would probably remind him of Sato as well and how his grudge against him poisoned Sato and made him capable of doing horrible things in order to achieve revenge. It even made him poison his own nephew with the same venom. It wasnt until Sato let go of his resentment for Miyagi and buried his grudge that he found inner peace and balance again.

    • crpsaiyan says:

      +Bad Bishop Yes… though it wasn’t until the typhoon hit Tomi Village when it really became a game of life and death. Miyagi proved to Sato that you don’t have to fight in order to show true courage. That day, his actions clearly spoke louder than his words.

    • yoshi toshi says:

      Plastic trophy = ?

    • crpsaiyan says:

      +yoshi toshi Yeah… that would be the more DIRECT way to say it.

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