Anatomy of UFC 278 Finale – The Moment Before & After The Madness (Leon Edwards shocks the world)

Anatomy of UFC 278 Finale – The Moment Before & After The Madness (Leon Edwards shocks the world)


In collaboration with @Kamaru Usman youtube channel….

There isn’t an ounce of luck in the store of fate, the book was simply written that way. Leon Edwards did what no one thought was possible in that final minute of a one sided fight. Let me correct myself, Leon and his team did what no one thought. After looking defeated and dejected, Edwards threw a kick heard around the world and stop the number one pound for pound champion. What a moment in the history of the sport. Congrats to him on an improbable feat.

J Cole- Hunger on the Hillside
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Out of the Dark – De Lune

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25 Responses

  1. Anatomy of a Fighter says:

    PLEASE!!!!!!! Watch this film and then comment. Its an heroic tale of victory and defeat. Hats off to both men… Such a storybook fight….

  2. Niko A says:

    Honestly Will this was truly truly amazing… hat’s off to you my man. Keep doing your thing dude – wow. The level of thought and execution is perfect. With the quotes, scenography, tension and release. Good job 👏

  3. riverarno says:

    This is one of the most profound piece of storytelling I’ve ever seen about an MMA fighter. Its raw style speaks to the brutal nature of the sport. But the particular turn of events in this episode hits at the very core of the fighter’s soul in the face of defeat. This film captured that spirit in a way that is both dignified and poignant.

  4. Wak says:

    This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen about any sport. You can feel the tension in the locker room before and the build up to everything is just. 10/10

  5. JrRanks says:

    This makes me appreciate the walk that all these fighters make to that octagon a lot more! So much respect ✊🏾

    • Pablo Picasso says:

      Watching Usman pace in the bathroom was some stress-inducing nightmare fuel. These guys are just different, what else can you say.

  6. Mung says:

    Gotta respect all fighters man! The hard work and all the effort put in leading up to the moment they walk out is unmatched. Win, lose or draw always have to respect what they do especially when you’re at the top of the game like Kamaru Usman was, imo the greatest ever WW champion! And for Edwards he showed the heart of a champion and got the job done. Can’t wait for the trilogy

  7. A M says:

    Another masterpiece by Will. That last interview by Usman… The face of a man who’s accepted his faith. He looks at peace almost. He might return with his best performance to date.

    • Jbyss says:

      Well said. I think he will win convincingly in the next fight.


      @LordKira He is 35 GSP fought for the last time at 36. If he win back the belt their no reason to keep going is chance of growing is legacy to goat statues are very slim.

    • LordKira says:

      apparently, he also privately told Rashad that hes even more motivated now that he’s desperate to showoff to his daughter once last time. sadly that’s it though…one last time. id not be surprised to see him be the best of his self in the next fight, win back the belt, and just retire from the sport of MMA before moving onto money/circus/crossover/freakshow fights

    • Spongebob squarepants says:

      افضل الصلاة والسلام على النبي صلى الله عليه افضل وسلم

  8. Geese Manray says:

    This was fantastic man. The last few seconds (15:08), as someone who was rooting for Leon that gave me chills.

  9. Jay Beam says:

    I’m an Usman fan now. The whole “good job, Rocky” part at the end won me over. You never really see what these super dominant champions are made of until they finally lose and Usman didn’t disappoint. I have a feeling he’ll snatch that title right back.

  10. Mark Kelley says:

    Respect to Kamaru, his family, and his team. Salute to AOAF for capturing these amazing moments bts. Absolutely incredible. Peace & Love to all

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