Anchorman F-Bomb News Blooper

Anchorman F-Bomb News Blooper

News blooper! Food f*ck food truck fanatic all week.
Click here to WATCH this month’s news bloopers: Best News Bloopers April 2015

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8 Responses

  1. MASTAX1234 says:

    LOL! this is golden, prepare for a lot of views, this was shared all over

  2. Eric P says:

    Haha he looked like he was going to get fired during the break 

  3. STW says:

    I’d fuck truck that blonde anchor tho…

  4. Alessandro Scuderi says:

    Women anchor was brutal, why keeping bringing it up and making it a bigger

    • white guilt says:

      +Alessandro Scuderi It’s unprofessional of her. In journalism, you are
      trained to compensate and do damage control by changing the subject or
      going to the next article.

      But no she just keeps bringing it up.

      If I was the producer, I would not have an issue with the man I’d have an
      issue with the woman and the second guy who kept bringing up the topic.

  5. MykroBeatz says:

    The Anchor is Ray Cortopassi from Indianapolis

  6. DRUCO316 says:

    Why would she ask what did you say ? Like he was going to say it again.