Ancient Egyptian Mummies Found With RED & BLONDE Hair

Ancient Egyptian Mummies Found With RED & BLONDE Hair

All shades of hair were found around the time of Ancient Egypt’s civilization – from brown to blonde, and even auburn and red. Today, these hair colors are found among the people of North Europe and North America, and are indicative of Caucasian origins. Does this mean there were fair-skinned, blonde or red-haired ancient Egyptians prior and during Egypt’s dynastic periods?

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20 Responses

  1. Yahir Tapia says:

    Simple answer


  2. Thor Benson says:


  3. Sherrinford Hull says:


  4. FLCLimaxxx says:

    There are also very ancient clearly white mummified people in asia. older civilizations had worldwide contact with each other, idk why its so hard to believe and conceptualize. were ancient chinese people white? or did white people and asians have contact in the ancient world? there are red headed and blonde headed white people in hiroglyphs on pyramid walls interacting with blacks of varying skin tones…

  5. AshXXMayftw says:

    It’s almost like the Egyptians were made up of various races. Oh my god, mind blown!

  6. bluetrilobite says:

    Evebtually we’ll discover that even ancient Egyptians were just europeans that sailed across the nediterranean and developed a heavy tan.
    Blacks never waz Kangz afterall.

  7. JJ. O'Dochartaigh says:

    Cleopatra’s line was Greek.

  8. micheal Knight says:

    this video is gonna piss the pro blacks off. with that being said, i never understood how afro centrics claimed to be the pharoahs and the original jew. seems to be a lil conflicting but who cares? I’m just some guy

  9. Abyss Spectre says:

    Black paint was used to depict dead people, afro centrists actually think it meant they were kangs.

  10. Kayla Foster says:

    Here comes the bitter black “israelites” & “We wuz Kangs”….

  11. Phil McCain says:


  12. black lion says:

    black people with blonde and red hair:3

  13. GW McCauley says:

    I read an article sometime back that said there are more Europeans with a DNA tie to King Tut than anyone living in Egypt. I found that very interesting.

  14. Randomness68 says:

    Considering how Egypt was a hotbed for trade, I would not be surprised if there were multiple ethnicities living there at the same time

  15. The_Kill says:

    wtf why is everyone being racist right now i think its cool that there were blond and red haired people in Egypt at that time as a half black person i think its pretty cool not eveything has to be about race and i dont see any blacks complaing just white people saying blacks are

  16. Stefan S says:

    How dare you steal black culture, we all know that the egyptians,greeks,romans,vikings, and japanese were all black

  17. The Mind of Louis says:

    Why is race always being brought up just enjoy the video damn. This made me think oh ok mixed races, cool I learned something new.

  18. flopski says:

    Protip for the afrocentrists: apply ice where it hurts.

  19. Entropic says:

    I bet the afrocentrists are pissed.

  20. human says:

    SO YU TELLIN ME *eats chicken* WE WAZNT KANGZ?

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