And the Winner of The Voice Is… | NBC’s The Voice Live Finale 2022

And the Winner of The Voice Is… | NBC’s The Voice Live Finale 2022

The Season 22 winner of The Voice is revealed.

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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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The four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice” returns with multi-Grammy-nominated Cuban-born singer-songwriter and actress Camila Cabello claiming her red chair alongside superstar returning coaches John Legend, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Carson Daly returns as host for Season 22.

The show’s innovative format features four stages of competition: Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, Knockouts and Live Performance Shows. This season’s Battle Advisors include Charlie Puth (Team Camila), Jazmine Sullivan (Team Legend), Jimmie Allen (Team Blake) and Sean Paul (Team Gwen). For the first time ever, the third phase of the competition will include three-way knockouts.

In the Live Performance Shows, the top artists will compete against each other weekly during a live broadcast, and the television audience will vote to save their favorite artists. In the end, one artist will be named “The Voice” and receive the grand prize of a recording contract.

And the Winner of The Voice Is… | NBC’s The Voice Live Finale 2022

The Voice

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29 Responses

  1. Daniel Salazar says:

    Was rooting for Omar, he did it all. Bodie was good too. Congrats to Bryce, as a country fan that hasn’t listen to much modern country since the 90s, Bryce reminds me of some of the older, real country artists i miss listening to.

    • Christine Tina-Marie Mercer says:

      I feel the same way, I was hoping for Omar then Bodie then Bryce…Happy for Bryce but I was completely shocked when Omar did not win, other than Adam Lambert Omar has the best voice I have ever heard !

  2. anais abeja says:

    Morgan, Camila sees the talent in you, and I know she knows what it’s like to have so much passion and what it’s like trying to make it in this industry. I have a feeling she’s going to do things for you, I hope she keeps guiding and supporting you. Morgan truly had it all and was her own, she wasn’t try to be the “next” Adele or the next Beyoncé or next anyone. She stands out on her own and I truly hope Camila keeps supporting her.

    • lorelai laval says:

      Too bad she has no talent herself….I mean who is she, never heard of this woman before. One wonders how she became a “celebrity” , not even really attractive….she looks like a smurf in terrible clothing…whatever. My take is there are a lot of lonely, bored people who have no taste, hence she’s a “star”. LOL! Pitiful world we live in.

    • anitabreakone says:

      Yes me too. And maybe Blake could help too. 😉 I mean Morgan seemed close to Brayden and Bryce. She seemed close to everyone.

  3. Gloria Krueger says:

    Such a talented top 5!! Too bad there can only be 1 winner but in my mind they are all winners!! Omar should be on the Broadway stage, hope someday he will, the emotion that Morgan brings to a song is just unforgettable, Bodie is an artist, so unique and original, Brayden is so, so freaking adorable with the sweetest voice, he’s on the right path and then Bryce is Bryce, good ole country soul!! Thank you all for a very enjoyable season and much success in the future!!

    • D L says:

      it is just a shame that the producers instructed the coaches this year to choose most singers based on them having the letter “B” as their first name. And you can see how rigged it is, with three of those “B”‘s being chosen in the top 5, and then a B being chosen as winner. What a scam. I have heard next year, they will be choosing based on the letter “C”. So beware, if your name doesn’t start with a C, don’t try out for the Voice next year.

    • Lindsay Joy says:

      for sure, agreed!!

  4. luchochang says:

    They were all great, but I wasn’t expecting Bryce to be the winner at all. It’s all about the votes in the end and Georgia voted.
    Best to all five! Omar was awesome.

  5. Seirryu1971 says:

    Brayden holding morgan’s gown is so sweet…

    • Francine Latorraca says:

      He was raised right 👍

    • Karen Hardie says:

      @The Chief He was my favorite. He did so well. He was competing against professionals at age 16. He has lots of new fans now. The sky is the limit. What a wonderful experience at age 16. He represented himself and family well. He should be very proud of how well he did. You don’t need to win these shows to be successful. Many people prefer a quiet country voice over the power house voices. Everyone gets to decide what genre they like. It’s subjective.

    • Grace Phillips says:

      I know it was so cute!!!!🥰

    • The Chief says:

      Imagine being that kids parents? Represents his family and home town well.

    • anitabreakone says:

      I think they were close. He was watching her wobble back with her in a video. It was so sweet.

  6. stratman1 says:

    Despite the apparent controversy over the winner (they were all unbelievably excellent), I wanted to comment on the season finally. The musicianship, the staging, the lighting, and Carson Daly’s emceeing were all done to perfection. These shows keep raising the bar, what an excellent production from beginning to end! All the entertainer’s performances were great, with a special shout-out to the performances of a Girl Named Tom, and Adam Lambert. Their performances and the presentation were unparalleled; both emotional and spellbinding!

  7. Pamela Vergara says:

    don’t think i’ve ever been this intensified with burning passion to help someone win the voice . broke me bc you can feel his humility, presence, versatility, vocal range, etc. connected with him the most. but my heart yearns knowing he’s built a platform for himself & he can only go UP FROM HERE. you did #teamlegend proud
    this is just the beginning

    • Francine Latorraca says:

      I agree

    • Kurt McGirt says:

      Omar was robbed and 3 of the final 5 shouldn’t have been there

    • Lydia Congdon says:

      I promise it’s good that Omar didn’t win. He isn’t bound to any contracts from NBC and he got his name out to a wide audience that hadn’t heard of him before. I doubt it’s the last we’ve heard of him and am hopeful of that.

    • Misty Manalastas says:

      I seriously voted over 200x, convinced my coworkers, sisters to vote – guess it wasn’t enough 🙁 go omar! The runner ups have been more successful than the winners in the long run !

    • Liz Marsili says:

      He is by far the most talented in those 5 in my opinion… They’re all wonderful but he’s just spectacular.

  8. 808moba 808 says:

    Brayden hugged everyone. He was very humble throughout the completion. As he grows and gains more experience, he will be unstoppable.
    He also thanked the audience/viewers

    • 808moba 808 says:

      @anitabreakone I agree. Plus he’s only 15. Plus he plays basketball and baseball as well. Give him time and he’ll be amazing.

      His version on mercy gave me the chills.

    • anitabreakone says:

      I loved the kid. But he wasn’t ready imo. He needs to get more experience and enjoy his youth. Go play some football. 👍

  9. Terri moore-bryant says:

    I’m watching blind auditions and the battles, but I’ve predicted almost every winner. I haven’t liked the rules that have constantly changed. Every coach should have an artist in the finale. I love Blake and he has had eclectic singers on his team, however the show is not really about the voice for America. It’s another popularity contest.

  10. Denise Bellemeur says:

    I had a feeling America might vote for Bryce. He’s definitely a sweetheart, but truthfully, Omar, Morgan or Bodie superseded the vocal abilities. I’m really hoping that someone signs all three of those people.
    Congratulations to Bryce

    • Shawn Cook says:

      Bodie and Brayden were authentic, but some of the other vocalist were like circus performers…vocal tricks that seemed self indulgent and inauthentic. It is about how the listener feels about your performance, not the tricks you pull out to make you look good.

    • stratman1 says:

      Right there with you… However, it was a bit of a toss-up and I totally get why folks voted for Bryce.

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