And the Winner of The Voice Is… | The Voice Live Finale | NBC

And the Winner of The Voice Is… | The Voice Live Finale | NBC

Host Carson Daly reveals the winner of Season 23 of The Voice.

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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season’s blockbuster vocal competition.

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Grammy Award-winning hip-hop star Chance the Rapper and platinum-selling singer-songwriter Niall Horan claim their red chairs alongside returning coaches Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton as they vie to discover and coach the next singing phenomenon. The competition is tougher than ever as Shelton goes for the win in his final season.

And the Winner of The Voice Is… | The Voice Live Finale | NBC

The Voice

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37 Responses

  1. Laura Perdomo says:

    Niall being so gracious, letting Gina have her moment before stepping into the stage. I love that someone with a very particular and unique tone won. She def stood out❤. Congrats to Gina and Niall. It’s a full circle moment for him. This is special!!!

    • James A. Garfield says:

      She didn’t really stand out for me but ok it’s not like she had a gravely gift or even good performance skills imo which noivas HAD

    • Itzz4D says:

      @James A. Garfieldnoivas was okay …. But all of Gina’s live performances were better

    • Samyak Jain says:

      ​@James A. Garfield Noivas really started to not be as good in the live shows. Upto Top 20, he was incredible.

    • James A. Garfield says:

      @Samyak Jain tbf I didn’t watch the voice at the lives do to my favorite Neil salsich getting deleting to early I was butt hurt ever since

    • James A. Garfield says:

      Plus I didn’t really have a favorite left besides maybe dsmooth and novias… All my favorites were eliminated way to soon and ryley wasn’t in the finals complete bs

  2. mahd kashif says:

    i absolutely love the fact that gina was smiling and being brave the entire time but the moment she won she was shocked. How human. LOVE HER. LOVE NIALLL

    • MsAllimack says:

      That was one of the best champion moments I have ever seen on a singing competition. She is so sweet and humble.

    • TFP Serrano says:

      Its should be the guy deserve to be the winner.

    • D Hunter says:

      I agree but from the facial expression on Ms Grace West, she appeared Shocked when the Winner was announced😲! Gina kept improving and peaking with flawless performances at the Finish Line: A sweet young Lady who exhibited Confidence with Humility and Grace. I truly believe she appreciated the experience and had Zero expectations of Winning: It was delightful seeing her look as if she was dreaming when her name was announced.😇 I believe that the “Blake Shelton Camp” gave Ms West a “False sense of security” by being told “You Got This” which saddened me for her because that’s a lot to handle on the Stage seen around the World–We’ve all learned those Lessons (just not in front of Millions😉🙃😇). At least the Top Five will enjoy some measure of Success!😃 Blessings to All and see ya next Season of The Voice (Heartbroken Kelly/Chance will not be in their Red Chairs!🥵). deb in Sunny⛱️ SC🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 05/24/2023💛

    • mahd kashif says:

      @D Hunter very well said the coaches will be missed but knowing the past seasons and Blake’s magic it was very possible that grace would do it because she was exceptional too especially in her lane and knowing Blake’s history on this competition and his last season it is very human of grace to be overexcited too but gina did it and nialls song selection was top notch

    • Margaret stockton says:

      @D Hunter Well said

  3. Mark Jude Maata says:

    Congratulations Gina for Team Niall. Well deserved the championship 🙌❤️

    • A Fùcking Bird says:

      Nah America must not know how to sing cuz she sound like every other girl dat sing on da voice

    • LK_GamingYT says:

      @A Fùcking Birdi know her voice singing voice is common. but her speaking voice compared to her singing voice is so rare. and she improved so much. on her first audition she sounded so nervous and was holding the mic with 2 hands and now she is super confident. that was her key to win. Her improvment

  4. Ida says:

    Thank you Blake for all your hard work for 23 seasons. You will be missed. ❤️ Congratulations to Gina.

    • Valerie S says:

      Exactly. Blake is still ‘The Voice’ of The Voice in many ways. I’m sure he’s proud of ‘lil Blake’ for winning, as is Kelly ♥️

    • Skysaurous says:

      Hard work? Bro he was getting paid millions lol

    • James A. Garfield says:

      @Skysaurous i hate to disagree with this but Blake did work hard even if he did get paid millions he was there over 10 yrs mathematicially if u add all the seasons up and divide by 2 for 2 seasons a yr roughly see what I mean he may have got paid well however he also earned that money and worked day n day out to entertain us whether u like the man or not as far as the more recent seasons there will never be another Blake Shelton even Reba McIntyre isn’t name Blake Shelton and she probly won’t take as many chances on Rock artists if they show up with Blake gone there’s like 1 other coach who appreciates rock which is honestly sad in Camila cabila u see my point?

  5. Jazz Opas-iamkajorn says:

    I am crying 😭 It was Niall’s first time to coach and yet he helped his artist to WIN this season. And to Gina, my God, the growth she had shown the entire competition is so insane that I’m so amazed by her. Well deserved win for Gina and Niall 🥺

  6. TheMovieCreep says:

    Niall came in 3rd on The X-factor and now he triumphed on The voice! A full circle moment ❤

    • Joanne Jaworski says:

      Niall’s 1D placing also just shows you don’t have to win to have a major career! That should be hopeful for the rest of the top 5.

  7. Keyon Davis says:

    To be honest, it would have been cool if Blake won his last season. However, I can not deny how deserving Gina is for this win. I didn’t think she would have won just based on her audition. But she grew week after week and gave two stellar performances yesterday. Congrats to Niall for his first win on his first season

    • James A. Garfield says:

      I agree that’s why I think noivas shoulda won as he was BLAKES better artist and honestly I’ve never got the “hype” of Gina tbh not Saying she’s bad just never got the hype she’s also been a flat singer for me Ryley was more deserving of this win from nials team..

    • SING TORRES says:

      ​@James A. Garfield Noivas has had horrible performances in the lives. Gina was better

    • James A. Garfield says:

      @SING TORRES who cares Gina was just as bad and wasn’t as good in the “performance” element imo BUT I will say I’m happy sorrele and grace didn’t win..

    • Lillian Wisdom says:

      ​@SING TORRESdon’t agree

    • Lillian Wisdom says:

      ​@James A. Garfieldexactly 👍🏾💯

  8. Churro Chavez says:

    Congratulations Gina!! I’m sure your dad and family are really proud of you and you clearly deserve to be the Voice Champion 🏆

    • James A. Garfield says:

      I disagree tremendously I still have never GOT the hype around Gina but it’s still better then sorelle winning..

    • Arici says:

      @James A. Garfield hating on Sorelle for no reason of than jealously

    • James A. Garfield says:

      @Arici it’s not jealousy it’s facts I got a problem with my opinion of trios then stop making the argument it’s NOT called the performance then .. it’s also NOT called the harmonys I can go all day on the arguments trios should NOT be allowed there’s other shows for that..

    • Arici says:

      @James A. Garfield harmonies are part of a VOICE 😂😂😂 that isn’t facts

  9. Persy Sweet says:

    Congrats Gina on winning the show! Congrats to Grace, NOIVAS, D. Smooth, and Sorelle on their run on the show and they all had a fantastic run throughout. They made it this far to the finale and earned it. Loved all the finalists. I rooted for them all. I am so proud of everyone!

  10. aafster life says:

    Kelly’s right! It matters what happens after! Congratulations Gina and Niall!

    • Jhay Dee Cee says:

      Niall has the fame that it need to help gina to win the show, i hope he helped her too outside the show she could be first superstar of the voice

    • Arici says:

      @Jhay Dee Cee I really hope he lets Ryley and Gina open up for him on his tour. Those were the two best singles

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