And Then THIS Descended into our Kitchen Egg Basket…

And Then THIS Descended into our Kitchen Egg Basket…

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It was a run of the mill Sunday afternoon here on our little farmette, until a noise in the kitchen made us look up…at the spice cabinet…where THIS was descending toward a basket of fresh eggs on the counter…! To answer your questions:
– Rat Snake. Non-venomous, beneficial due to their penchant for eating rodents and (OUTSIDE) eggs.

– It got in through a hole in our laundry room floor, which is now covered by a VERY heavy concrete block and which will soon be permanently plugged.

– Yes, we let it finish the egg.

– Using two brooms, a whole lot of patience, nudging, and encouraging, we finally convinced it that going out the open window was a MUCH better option than slithering away behind the fridge! As soon as we could get its bulk under the brooms, we hefted it out the window, and off it went to the rest of its evening. And then we drank. (Kidding! okay, sort of. Lol!)

All’s well that ends well, but…JEEZ!!!

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20 Responses

  1. Human_Rights says:

    This is why we Americans keep our eggs in the fridge.

  2. Kelly Moen says:

    My dinners will probably be bland for the next month now, Thx :-)

  3. vvikramraj says:

    wow! I would have passed out on seeing a snake like that!

  4. therealnikkij says:

    But how did you sleep that night?

    • Laura Neff says:

      +therealnikkij I’ll admit, it wasn’t initially easy! We just kept reminding
      ourselves that this snake wasn’t at ALL there because it was interested in
      us. It just wanted an egg. And we sealed up the hole that it got in

  5. jamiemarie2003 says:

    I’m sorry, I would have killed it.. It will be in the chicken coop next.
    Look before you stick your hand in the nest!!!!!!

  6. Spencer Romero says:

    It’s taking its sweet time getting its mouth around it.

  7. eVCephei says:

    my mom woulda still used that egg

  8. Shinsei88 says:

    I love snakes

  9. Michelle Ross says:

    Snakes don’t bother me, but that might change if I happened upon something
    like this in my kitchen.
    Kudos to the couple for humanely removing it to the outdoors.

    • Jill H says:

      Wow!! I don’t mind snakes but if I saw one slithering out of a
      cabinet….shudder. I had a roommate in college who had a Burmese Python. I
      used to hold him once in a while.

  10. アーケード says:

    Why did you stop recording you S.O.A.B

  11. TheFlying Nick says:

    looks like a rat snake

  12. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    This is why you NEVER put all your eggs in one basket.

  13. bla bang gonzalez says:

    Just do it !

  14. merrywriter says:

    I think you two have not a drop of adrenaline in you. My heart would have
    stopped from adrenaline overdose when I opened that cabinet door. Then the
    snake could have eaten my cold dead body on the floor for all I knew.

  15. Lyn Z says:

    people and their irrational fear of snakes gets real old.

  16. NemRaps says:

    I used to live in a neighborhood in charlotte that was rampant with these
    little jerks. That was one reason why we had to move out of that particular
    area. Too many rat snakes in our backyard. still gives me the chills
    thinking about it.