Anderson Cooper grills Bondi on LGBT support

Anderson Cooper grills Bondi on LGBT support

CNN’s Anderson Cooper asks Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi about her role and fight against the LGBT community.

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20 Responses

  1. brittany watts says:

    so apparently being against gay marriage is the same as wanting gay people
    to be brutally murdered………………. ok then!!!

  2. Dont Worry says:

    ??? THEYLIED1776??? another fake troll account who attempts to block
    the truth when someone corrects him. Copying and pasting doesn’t prove a
    point it shows lack of knowledge. Unfortunately a really discussion can’t
    be had with the youth today because their minds are made up with out the
    slightest bit of education.

    Some people think YouTube is facts and knowledge comes from a video. ???

  3. The Moral Crusader says:

    Liberal logic: *”If you believe marriage is between a man and a woman, that
    also means you want gay people to be killed.”*
    Holy shit the intellectual pretzel you have to twist yourself into to
    genuinely believe that is astounding.

  4. worldofazeroth says:

    I have no respect for journalists who push their agenda and can’t be
    objective. Be professional and keep your emotions at the door. Let the
    woman talk and answer your questions. Instead you ask her about herTwitter
    and judge her for it. I watched this live and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
    I’m glad Trump put him in his place. And no I’m no Trumo supporter. But
    Anderson is the perfect example why people don’t trust the media.

  5. Obi Revel says:

    she is very corrupted

  6. Marina Winter says:

    It should read ” Anderson Cooper is an idiot and does not understand what
    the word Constitution means”

  7. Roger Clemons says:

    She is a great AG. Smart, good looking and a crusader for protecting
    society from the immoral characters who seek to make America an immoral

  8. Michael Y says:

    To be fair, she’s a prosecutor, not a lawmaker. She’s bound to follow the
    laws of the state. People like Kim Davis are the real problem.

  9. 4hpook says:

    This is what Andy does best. This is speaking truth to power, and doing it
    for all the world to see. Beautiful work. Bravo, man.

  10. M Esmiol says:

    Moving forward….lets move forward. People who subscribe to a gay and
    lesbian life style should not expect that everyone will embrace or support
    that choice in lifestyle.

  11. Jt Hanley says:

    Politicians and lawyers are MASTERS of spin, but Anderson Cooper was like a
    dog with a bone. Kudos to him for NOT letting this woman off the hook.

  12. roquefort smith says:

    Grill that hypocritical opportunistic b!#@× Anderson, we’ll done!. She was
    excusing/denying everything you threw at her.

  13. David Fincher says:


  14. slappyducky says:

    Anti LGBT doesn’t mean anti life. This only shows that Anderson can’t tell
    the difference. And reading some of the posts, I get the same feeling that
    most people can’t tell the difference. You guys are so full of hate. I am
    pro LGBT and what she did might have been wrong, but it doesn’t mean she is

  15. Stockton Motherfuckers says:

    4:24 this bitch is about to cry. Good on ya Anderson hold her accountable

  16. oneandahalf39 says:

    To theylied1776 -More Christians are being killed by radical muslims than
    gays, but radical muslims are killling both gays and Christians but people
    are so stupid now a days they can’t blame the right people. So lets blame
    the Christians who have more of them killed now than any other time in
    History. Also Omr himself was gay!!

  17. Jason Bourne says:

    Thanks Anderson Cooper for being so specific. She is a fraud. She should
    look for another job. Period.

  18. SirnaMJr says:

    Anderson is full of shit here

  19. MrCharlieSurf says:

    The Christians are so confused because a Muslim carried out their sick
    bigoted fantasies. Will the Christian God forgive? After all he obeyed the
    bible – Leviticus.

  20. Icureditwithmybrain says:

    Wow cooper is a huge asshole.