Anderson Cooper on witnessing Tony Bennett’s final act

Anderson Cooper on witnessing Tony Bennett’s final act

The 60 Minutes correspondent said of his report, “It was among the most extraordinary things I’d experienced on a shoot.”

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31 Responses

  1. Natural Health Remedy™ says:

    It doesn’t get any better than Tony Bennett! What a beautiful gift of love he’s given us all for so long. 💖

  2. sto620 says:

    This is the miraculous power of music. It’s so deeply embedded not only in Tony’s brain but in his soul. It’s the essence of his very being.

    • FRE FLO DO says:

      I’d add that it’s the power of the spirit when.someone finds their passion. It could be music, dance, painting etc. When people have something that excites & brings pleasure to them, they connect with those things on a profound level much like this.

  3. Brian Russell says:

    A class act indeed. Enjoying the portion of when he’s singing. He’s as ‘normal’ as can be. Eye contact, confidently singing, body swaying to the rhythm, etc. The moment after the music stop his whole vibe changed. His eyes are empty, head lowered, a man quite unsure of himself, while not singing. But moments before, wow!
    Diseases of the brain need much more research and much less stigma. God Bless you Tony and your family.

    • Joe Love says:

      That was very noticeable as soon as he stops singing, the mood & energy seem to change 😥 like he doesn’t know what happens from there

    • Jamtommy says:

      Tony yes, but Anderson is just another C IA muppet.

    • Joe Love says:

      @Jamtommy BUT…How do we know you aren’t the puppet by the CIA?? 🤔

    • Jamtommy says:

      @Joe Love
      Good Point Joe, you don’t… but I wasn’t the one that “Interned” at the C IA for 2 years before going directly into the “News” business.. Anderson Cooper did.
      #OperationMockingbird is a thing.

  4. Petit says:

    He sings so naturally that it doesn’t look like he has these issues. Tony is incredible.

    • tyrone b says:

      It good to know he still able to sing his songs and remember key stuff almost anytime. so gotta enjoy what u can with him and be happy he able to do so much still. so focus on what he can do and not what he cant do at time

    • Paul Brower says:

      He is a stage performer, which is the core of his personality, and that is the last thing to go. This keeps him going, and more power to it for him and his loved ones!

    • Paul Reese says:

      The human brain is a fascinating and complex machine. It reminds me of how Glen Campbell could not remember lyrics but could still shred on guitar nearly right up til the end. It is clearly a bittersweet situation!

    • G S says:

      He’s a true classic man.

  5. aresef says:

    The moment the piano starts playing, he’s back to being *the* Tony Bennett. It’s amazing.

  6. Mububban23 says:

    I’ve heard about the power of music with Alzheimer’s disease, it just awakens something deeply dormant and revives the person even if only for a while, they’re singing songs from their youth and even playing piano

    • Cathie Ludemann says:

      Some will even dance. After slumping in their wheel chairs all day, the right music at night got them dancing on their own feet, or at least clapping or swaying in their chairs. It takes a little time to find what each person will react to, but it was fun for me as I searched out old music to play.

  7. No Pomegranates says:

    Ugh this is so heartbreaking, Tony is a musical blessing to this world. Buy Love For Sale everyone!! He deserves it

  8. ShakeMyWay says:

    Music is often remembered by people with alzheimer’s, and really brings them some joy!

  9. donna d says:

    In my fathers last days he knew less and less but when I put the New York Yankees on TV , he knew EVERY PLAYER & EVERY STATISTIC 💖💖💖

  10. Lulu says:

    God this is so sad. And in my book he still is the best. God bless him and his wife. My mom had 8 years of Alzheimer’s and it’s hard.

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