Anderson Cooper Walked Out Of The New ‘Star Wars’ Movie

Anderson Cooper Walked Out Of The New ‘Star Wars’ Movie

‘Anderson Cooper 360’ host Anderson Cooper discusses U.S. politics, international politics, and why he walked out of ‘Star Wars’ after just 45 minutes.

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76 Responses

  1. Salam Mulhem says:

    Legends = legendary interview

  2. CalebDoesStuff says:

    I love CNN, but their New Years Eve countdown was a bit weak this year.

  3. Herman Falck How says:

    You know what? When I can watch the most respected news man in the country and the most respected late night host in the country discuss a contact high we are in an objectively better world than yesterday.

  4. clara rodriguez says:

    He’s super hot

  5. Elysian Stellar says:

    He seems pretty chill when he’s not doing the news

    • Ian h says:

      Elysian Stellar hes pretty laid back when he does the news too, I mean he unbuckles his belt and lets his bias just flow over everything

  6. New Message says:

    ‘Mbuh’ is the French ‘Meh’, I guess.

  7. Mike Valeriano says:

    Cooper is just awesome. I would pay serious money to have him interview The Don for 30 minutes.

  8. TheReal008Zulu says:

    I want to play D&D with these guys.

  9. CaptainObvious123 says:

    The prequels were way worse

    • Ann Nee says:

      CaptainObvious123 Yes… yes they were. Even though that ain’t saying much😆

    • Paul Berevoescu says:

      JazGalaxy i dont think jar jar was any dumber than c3po or yoda or ewoks

      I actually liked Phantom Menace; Attack of the Clones was the worst star wars movie ever

    • Paul Berevoescu says:

      CaptainObvious123 funny, cause i re watched the originals and my opinions stayed exactly the same: i still liked phantom menace more than any other star wars movie except A New Hope

    • AcridDread says:

      thevoiceofreason i agree. Darth maul makes kylo ren look like a little bitch (what am I saying kylo ren makes himself look like a little bitch)

    • AcridDread says:

      HowlingWolf518 i couldnt agree anymore with you. That’s why a good portion of true star wars fans are done with the new star wars universe, it isnt star wars anymore, that’s why for a FACT the prequels are better because they atleast feel like star wars, the sequels are for actual children and SJWS

  10. Andy Bee says:

    Yes, Colbert is back! I missed you! Also, I love Anderson Cooper, such a great interview him too. Happy!

  11. Pragya Mishra says:

    I adore Anderson.

  12. Andrew Courtney says:

    Wow, ‘looks like public attitudes to MaryJane are changing at a pace in he States, will it replace alcohol as the drug of choice for the majority? It can only be a good thing if it does, less street brawls, less domestic violence, less liver disease ………and some serious eye-opening for those people that fall for all the bullshit floating about right now.

  13. lazyperfectionist1 says:

    “I must say, we have a lot of journalists on the show, but not a lot of them get standing ovations.”
    “There’s not a lot of us left.”
    Oh, now _that_ line would be hilarious if it weren’t so dismal.

  14. thekidplay09 says:

    To everyone coming here for the title, just letting you know it is fucking CLICKBAIT. Yes, Cooper left the cinema after 45 min, but he said he did it not because the movie was bad, but because he had a lot of work and wanted to give it the attention it deserved. Cheers

    • Romrapaara says:

      Maybe, but think about it; he just said that it wasn’t engaging enough to distract him from his real life work. He still cares about the story and wants to see what happens, so he’s going back, but still… Or at least, that’s what I read into it. I’m going through the same thing with the prequel novelization sight now though, where, fuck those guys, but I don’t want to be lost in later stories in case it gets less sexist or racist or boring.

    • SJ Cohen says:

      thekidplay09 How is the title clickbaity? It only says he walked out of the film which he did. Doesn’t say why. If the reason wasn’t juicy enough for you too fucking bad.

    • Elizabeth Bennett says:

      Thank you. Now that’s real reporting.

    • thekidplay09 says:

      SJ Cohen Yes, I consider it clickbait. He did say he left the movies, but the problem here is the way the title is worded, one might think he left because he hated the film, when that was not the case. Basically, the show is using the fact that many did not like the movie to insinuate with the title that Cooper did not like it, so people click on the video. It is misleading. Nothing necessarily wrong with it, of course, I was just letting everyone know in the comments that might come here thinking the wrong thing. Cheers

    • spade2187 says:

      thekidplay09 thanks

  15. DanLokar says:

    A bit clickbaity

  16. camelshit says:

    And yes, it is nice to see Anderson here again. Always looking forward to his exceptionally charming giggles.

  17. Daan K says:

    I wish I could age half as well as Anderson Cooper

  18. TONYSTARK557 says:

    Last Jedi is amazing.

  19. Master Chief says:

    Before the world ends, Anderson Cooper must play a suave, charismatic and sociopathic supervillain in some poorly-reviewed but money-spinning franchise. Legend.

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