Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

Watch the new trailer for #Andor, a Star Wars original series, streaming only on Disney+. Experience the three-episode premiere September 21.

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28 Responses

  1. Lamarr Wilson says:

    I had no idea this was dropping today; what a pleasant surprise and this is going to be an epic 3 episode saga!

  2. Maximilien Robespierre says:

    This is amazing! So many little touches that speak to the fans! Can’t wait!

    • Jack Rutledge Goembel says:

      @FormalFistFight it’s cool to spot stuff you’re familiar with from other (especially niche) star wars media! maybe it’s not every person’s way to enjoy this stuff, but that’s fine. different strokes for different folks. i for one am excited for this show both because it’s doing something mature and unique, *and* because it looks like it’ll be full of little nods to other media (albeit in ways that fit the universe and don’t feel needlessly pander-y).

    • FormalFistFight says:

      Disney finally gives someone the freedom to do something interesting with the Star Wars universe and all you Funkopop people can think to say is “it’s got memberberries!”

  3. Olivia Smith says:

    This looks like it’ll really be insane. Really digging the tone and the cinematography.

  4. Rolfathan says:

    This is possibly the best blend of the prequals and original trilogy I’ve seen. It captures both of them so seamlessly. I assume they were going for this, and honored them both so well. I hope they are proud of their good work.

    • Jantheking says:

      lol not really. It doesn’t feel like either the prequals or the original trilogy. It feels like its own thing, which is why it is so good. Star wars needs to keep doing new things like this if it wants to continue to have supportive fans.

    • Mad Mick says:

      It’s not even out yet you muppet.

  5. Emma Dictaker says:

    This actually looks super interesting. It seems like the first unique Disney Star Wars story in a while. I love the idea of exploring the senate during the imperial era.

  6. J_Snowman 33 says:

    I believe this to be a way more carefully planned and designed background for the show than any other so far. And its all cinematic which creates high expectations and i cant lie im hyped for this one

  7. Raiders of the Lost Arkana says:

    Seeing a galaxy where the Empire is at its peak in power is one of my favorite things. The OT does this, but its limit budget and place in the real life production timeline of Star Wars limits its ability to show us the true grand scale of the Empire. Rebels does this, and I like Rebels, but its tone and smaller scope also prevents it from really letting us see it. Rogue One does a great job, but it’s positioned at the tail end of the Empire’s reign. This show has me so excited, to see all the different facets of the Empire at play, including the Imperial Senate and what looks like Imperial Intelligence.

    • Henbot says:

      Rebel’s tone was a problem, reality is they will always have a problem because they are making shows for everyone. They kept Rebels contained by having them just active in a specific area, this maybe more intergalactic

    • Jack Rutledge Goembel says:

      my thoughts exactly

    • The God Of Imagination says:

      This comment is also on a true grand scales and so is your awesome profile picture

  8. TheEDfromRED says:

    Love this!! Looks like a seriously mature Star Wars program. The visuals and style are incredible.

  9. Garland Cary says:

    Finally, a (Disney) Star Wars series that–by the trailer, at least–seems nuanced, refined, focused and somehow fresh! I hope it can actually deliver.

    • MikeK says:

      I see potential… but I’ve been wrong before. Let’s say I’m wishing all the best and liking what I see so far.

  10. Raiders of the Lost Arkana says:

    Andor has been in production for a very long time. This seems to be where all the money has been going – and they seem very confident in it, already greenlighting a season 2. I’m very excited.

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