Andrew Garfield & Ryan Reynolds Ruined Ryan Gosling’s Big Moment

Andrew Garfield & Ryan Reynolds Ruined Ryan Gosling’s Big Moment

This is just great.

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20 Responses

  1. CaptainGrumpy says:

    Spider-Man x Deadpool is canon lads

  2. Vladimir Janic says:

    I really hope Andrew Garfield gets an Oscar, he deserves it!

  3. lynx9264 says:

    i pray to god they did tht knowing about spideypool

  4. Luca Munro says:

    Graham, we don’t need to hit subscribe on YouTube. You and all the other
    chat shows flood our YouTube home page

  5. meh says:

    Why does Andrew sound British

  6. V WW says:


  7. izzat irfan says:

    and blake lively act like she’s ‘ok’ with it

  8. Nt Haque says:

    I want more of that kiss. I ship it.

  9. Ally Armitage says:

    Graham just want to let you do to your political ramblings I am gonna
    boycott your show I am only gonna watch here on YouTube because of Tom

  10. Megan Smite says:

    So …. I just need to convince Ryan Reynolds it would be hilarious to kiss

  11. Super Vegito says:

    Andrew Garfield laughter is amazing???

  12. IamFirtyDucker says:

    Andrew Garfield had the best year for an actor. Hacksaw Ridge and Silence
    are two roles that could be nominated for an oscar easily. Fantastic year
    for him.

  13. Callum Scott says:

    Hearing Andrew Garfield with a British accent is just weird XD. I’ve
    literally only ever heard him speak in movies with an American accent so
    hearing him speak normally sounds plan wrong XD

  14. Darleen the Queen of Beans says:

    I always forget that Andrew Garfield is British.

  15. Fernanda says:

    This whole time I thought Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds were the same

  16. Peter Brown says:

    Ladies, don’t you hate it when Andrew Garfield steal your man

  17. MK Niazi27 says:

    I love these two goofballs honestly XD

  18. Ben Wasserman says:

    This is the closest we will get to real-life Spiderpool shipping

  19. masteronesolo says:

    why doesnt he rock the amzing spider man hair do looked really good on him

  20. Christian Smith says:

    Garfield Gosling Reynold’s Ryan Ryan