Andrew Shaw flips out on Ref – Blues vs Blackhawks (04/19/16)

Andrew Shaw flips out on Ref – Blues vs Blackhawks (04/19/16)

Andrew Shaw flips out on Ref – Blues vs Blackhawks (04/19/16)
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19 Responses

  1. Sir_Clovis says:

    As a hockey fan, I’m surprised there’s this much hate for the Blackhawks.
    Was Andrew shaw out of line? Yes, but i can understand the frustration
    given the final 2 minutes of regulation. Are the Blackhawks becoming too
    arrogant? Definitely. Is flipping off a ref and using a gay slur really a
    big deal? We’ve all seen a lot worse for sure. Blackhawks for sure arnt
    going far in the playoffs this year

  2. salozmen29 says:

    To all you sensitive butt hurt little babies. Fuck off. It’s a damn word,
    get over it.

  3. Jerardo Vasquez says:


  4. leafyutube says:

    So now they’re going to suspend players based on analysis by lip readers?

  5. Astrosjer says:


  6. Astrosjer says:

    Yeah add Shaw to list of Crawford, Keith etc dirty players with big mouths.
    Good riddance 2016 Blackhawks. If they had any class Shaw would be released

  7. Patchy says:

    Judging from this series, I hope that whoever wins the Dallas v Wild series
    wipes the floors with whatever pile of trash comes out of this one.
    Complete lack of character from a lot of guys on both teams shown in this

  8. xLord Ryan says:

    Are we really that sensitive that if he says a word we flip a shit? What
    happened to the days where people could just brush off what someone says
    without even batting an eye? Whoever is offended by this, learn to not take
    shit to heart and so damn personal.

  9. Will Blake says:

    What did he say

  10. Allowing me to get notifications says:

    Chicago knows that St. Louis is better. You could see it in their face.

  11. Zero Cool says:

    I bet everybody commenting is white lol.

  12. call attendant says:

    he calls the ref a, “maggot” and then says ,”you remind me of Bob Sagget.”

  13. call attendant says:

    my sister, who happens to be part of the carpet munching community, is not
    happy at all with this.

  14. Egan Dunne says:

    I like Shaw, but i want the hawks to lose

  15. Jamz eats hamz says:

    Is everyone just gonna ignore the part of the video where the guy was all
    over Shaw and nothing was called on him

  16. Tommy Robertson says:

    T h i s v i d e o i s n i c e W h a t’ s u p, overflow careless W h a t’s y
    o u r o p i n i o n a b o u t t h a t, g z y s 1!

  17. Shawn Massey says:

    I don’t think Andrew should get suspended for the cursing and the hurtful
    remarks. I do think he should get a Max Fine for the remarks and the middle
    finger show.

  18. StickguyMB says:

    Chicago Blackcocks suck

  19. Bob Laughlin says:

    I am pro-LGBT. But I just tried to post the quote below at the Chi Trib &
    an algorithm automatically censored it. What the fuck is wrong with the
    world, or a word? George Carlin: “The fags were the guys who wouldn’t go
    downtown with us and help us beat up the queers.”