Andrew Tate, Brother Arrested in Connection to Human-Trafficking Case in Romania | PEOPLE

Andrew Tate, Brother Arrested in Connection to Human-Trafficking Case in Romania | PEOPLE

Former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate has been arrested in Romania in connection with human trafficking, rape and forming an organized crime group, officials confirmed to multiple news outlets.

The social media influencer appeared to be taken away in handcuffs from his villa in Bucharest, Romania, on Thursday, according to a Reuters report.

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Andrew Tate, Brother Arrested in Connection to Human-Trafficking Case in Romania | PEOPLE

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59 Responses

  1. G Ram says:

    All four of the individuals detained in the raid are being held for an additional 30 days. The judge has extended the initial detention period. Go read it yourself.

    • MAGA me says:

      Tate was/ is an arrogant sob. Not saying that he didn’t say things that were factual but his bragging brought karma to his door. Like the old saying….. the nail that sticks out gets the hammer.

    • Moloch says:

      @GORGE US You should turn the other cheek.

    • Alonzo Gutierrez says:

      @GORGE US so… you’re telling me science can only go so far. It goes far enough to where lgtbquxyzetc can talk shit about straight ppl not a green with their views/accepting them but when we say anything about them that’s “offensive/facts/truth) we get banned, blocked etc? U don’t even know how what you’re talking about. His opinions and “freedom of speech” got him here. Detained. Not charged. Understand the difference.

    • Moloch says:

      @GORGE US Everywhere? Even in my wiener? Are you that strange tingling I’ve been feeling?

    • GORGE US says:

      @Moloch Of course you are, you and your fellow walking dead relatives time is up lol.
      I AM Everywhere.

  2. Jesse Torres says:

    Ironic that he only got caught because he was allowed back on Twitter and used it to insult Greta Thunberg.

    • Johnny Bronco says:

      That little hypocritical that deserves to get insulted 24/7.

    • Nia Renee says:

      @daniel ramirez I agree that social media is poor for children’s development I’d even go as far to say it is bad for young adults and older adults as well which is why I deleted a majority of my social media accounts

    • Nia Renee says:

      @Heather Holt you do realize that Tate started the conversation with the 19 year old woman and she responded to which he had to make a video response to that response the two original tweets I personally found to be immature and would agree with you in stating that neither was really a burn.. however what reason does such a rich 30 year old man have to pick a random Twitter argument with a 19 year old woman who is solely sharing what she believes in? Genuine question…

    • daniel ramirez says:

      @Nia Renee  well considering all those social media’s are bad for kids I don’t think any of them should be using it. However you are right apparently the age limit is 13 to use Twitter even though there is a whole lot of nasty people on there.

    • Nia Renee says:

      @daniel ramirez I was responding to an individual that implied that Greta could not be considered a teenager solely based on the fact that she was on Twitter… therefore I responded with the fact that there are many teenagers in twitter whether or not they should be (referring to twitter’s rules and/or their parents rules) so ask the person who made the statement about why someone can’t be a teenager because they are using Twitter….

  3. Harry Ballzonya says:

    People magazine was quick to put this one up but never once covered Epstein. Weird ain’t it

  4. Tommy_Boy says:

    This is your friendly reminder that no one from Jeffrey’s island has been arrested yet. This situation with Tate is like dangling keys for a baby.

  5. Michael Martin says:

    One pizza was free due to late delivery.

    • Syameel Daniel says:

      @GORGE US why are you talking like you were in some sci fi movies🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • fake username says:

      it is funny how the “Romanian authorities” arrested tate after Greta and her environmental tax theives were triggered, and not immediately after him entering Romania (like how an actual criminal will get arrested)

      Woke leftards are politically imprisoning people now 😂??
      The same woke leftards complaining about the iranian regime, and middle eastern regimes?

    • GORGE US says:

      @xXjeffjayXx LoL.
      Bravo 👏

      This was his acceptance
      “scripted trial “ into their mystery religion.
      These people are already dead.

    • xXjeffjayXx says:


  6. mike Mike mike says:

    Gotta give it to Tate, he stays in character 24/7 even arrested.

  7. Nick Gallegos says:

    What’s crazy is he had an interview about a week ago where he was discussing how behind the scenes his been offered tons of money to sell his soul and stop speaking against this system…. He was saying it’s actually scary cuz he said they want him quiet so bad. He said they would silence him first and probably even frame him, and if that didn’t work they would kill him. He got de platformed little while back now charges pressed….. makes you think

    • Noah Norman says:

      Lmaooooo he’s been investigated by the Romanian police for this entire year, his house was raided months ago, he knew the police were about to arrest him so he started claiming that some magical conspiracy cult is trying to take him down. The dude is a sex trafficker who violated and assaulted women and he admits to it constantly.

    • Carlos Garcia says:

      @breakerofnames 123 he had already been questioned before and released. Predicted this to a T

    • breakerofnames 123 says:

      Or maybe he knew the jig was up and going down

    • Orp says:

      That’s how brainwashing works. He said this he said that because he knows he’s guilty. Same with Donal Trump. He knew the FBI would find stolen documents in his home so to get ahead of it, he told his followers that they’d plant the documents so that at the end of the day when it comes out that they found the documents, everyone would say “you see, Trump said that if they find documents it means they planted it so they must have planted those documents”.

      Why don’t you ask yourself why you believe this person in the first place? Why aren’t you questioning him? Did he offer proof of anything he said?
      No, cause they are all alleged to have a specific effect, doubt. And that’s what is happening to you

    • Matthew Hill says:

      Dude how
      Bs this this shit, matrix confirmed

  8. Cborg Mega says:

    Romanian here.
    I am watching right now a Romanian tv news programme about this case – after footage from the yesterday’s arrest of Tate brothers, two journalists are discussing the issue with the news anchor.
    Right now, as I write, Tate brothers are in front of the Romanian judges, waiting for their decision – the brothers could remain in jail for 30 days, or could be released under judiciary control, for the time their trial would last.
    The investigation was started in April by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism – this is the Romanian governmental agency tasked with investigating and prosecuting organized crime and terrorism-related offenses (Romanian abbreviation is DIICOT). From April until now, Romanian judges have issues several mandates for electronic surveillance of the suspects, their phones being tapped and also their movements being monitored via satellite.
    The main suspicion/accusation against Tate brothers is that they have organized a criminal group making money out of human trafficking. This is a problem for Romania, as many Romanian women are sexually trafficked outside the country, in various EU countries. Other young women are pressured/blackmailed to participate in creating pornographic web content. Back in April, the mother of a woman (US citizen) has complained to the Romanian police that the brothers are keeping her daughter in their villa, against her will, and are forcing her to film adult-oriented materials. Although back in April the brothers were released without being charged, it looks like the investigation continued. Since then, DIICOT prosecutors have identified 6 women as victims of trafficking, according to information released today to the media. Apparently the investigation is run by one of the toughest prosecutors of DIICOT, a sort of local legend that is 24/7 under armed police protection, as he has received death threats from some interlopers that he had put behind bars.
    Bucharest media says that Romanian authorities are under pressure (from EU and also USA authorities) to crack-down on human traffickers, especially the Romanian-based criminal groups that recruit and exploit women for prostitution abroad and/or for producing pornographic materials monetized via various websites. International reports have criticized Romanian government for not doing enough to reduce the phenomenon of women trafficking by dismantling the recruitment networks that are fooling young women to work as prostitutes and/or as entertainers for the internet porn industry.
    Hope this info helps in giving some context for this situation.

    • Swi sh says:

      Funny that Romanian police then goes on to just arrest the one guy who is not a human trafficker, while the problem still persists.

    • Heckler Koch says:

      @🇷🇺Andrei Just move along, nobody needs your twisted theories of conspiracy…

    • Hristu Badea says:

      @🇷🇺Andrei Well, Putin&co. changed the narrative several times, between “denazification” and “fighting Satan in a holly war”… So I really doubt anybody in Moscow does know how the sh*t started, and doesn’t matter anyway, because everybody is already looking for an exit. When Putin will die (hopefully like Ceausescu!), everybody will pin on him the full responsibility for this mess.

    • Petrisor Petre says:

      @🇷🇺Andrei Oh, please STFU, unless you’re Putin himself…

    • Cborg Mega says:

      @eibura Last night I left to go to bed, there are 7 hrs difference between Romania and New York, and 10 hrs between us and San Francisco… However, guess what? Today, December 31st, at 13:15 Bucharest time, Tate brothers are still in jail. Where they will stay for another 29 days. Have a good day (or night, if it’s the case)!

  9. Justin Cady says:

    The whole thing is fishy. Where’s the handcuffs?

  10. G Ram says:

    So the new strategy is to ‘predict’ your own persecution once you know charges are coming down, then play victim while being arrested. Genius.

    • DARWIN2000 says:

      Tristan admitted to human trafficking for some time and this is the 3rd time andrew is being arrested on similar charges.

    • Rocky says:

      @Fabolous Jada stfu man, he was already banned from social media posts , why would they go that far to arrest him when he is on another country, use your brain 🧠 NPC,

      And have you ever seen the video where he is filming the girl and she is hiding her face, counting the bruises and then locks herself in bathroom in fear of him when he grabs belt, tell me in what role-play this happens, and then she didn’t even comeout to defend him, so you are blindly gonna believe him when he says it was a roleplay, or you need that girls statement to believe it was a roleplay, 🤓,

      He says in a video he doesn’t let his gfs out of his house, and his gfs are webcam girls, that is enough to tell that when someone heard this he will think that they are taken hostages and he is running a $€× ring, maybe that not might be the case, they are there by their own will and he is just too controlling and insecure that he doesn’t let his gfs talk to other men or out of his house,,

      But that is enough to be suspicious of him, and if you can’t even doubt him, and believe him blindly you are just a NPC, who blindly beleive what your daddy tate says

    • Fabolous Jada says:

      @Rocky doubt what lol the surveillance last time showed those girls was chilling and could leave when they want 😂 this is from america can’t you read the American and EU authorities put pressure on them

    • JetstreamGaming says:

      The people who follow the Tate brothers are bots

    • JetstreamGaming says:

      Bro shut up

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