Andrew Wiggins Dunks on Poeltl Twice! Lowry 40 Points! 2017-18 Season

Andrew Wiggins Dunks on Poeltl Twice! Lowry 40 Points! 2017-18 Season

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51 Responses

  1. Jack The Goat says:

    Lowry=all star

  2. King Wade says:

    Let me guess… lowry underrated asf

  3. WormTheRapper says:

    Nothing but great games Today !!!

  4. TcDaGod says:

    Bad enough to poster a guy once, BUT TWICE IN ONE GAME??? Wiggins straight disrepectful.

  5. Alex Pinkney says:

    I was there! Those Wiggins dunks erupted the crowd 🔥🔥🔥🏀

  6. RéMèTriX The GOD Tier Demon says:


  7. Coach Pop says:

    *RIP Poetl*

  8. Jay Williams says:

    Kyle Lowry was a beast tonight

  9. GAD LBG . mmor says:

    Kyle Lowry’s night ruined by Andrew Wiggins *ha ha*

  10. WormTheRapper says:

    The fact that a lot of people still never heard of my music y’all missing out

  11. HQ2A says:

    God I love Chris Smoove

  12. Dragon Baller 21 says:

    Timberwolfs are gonna blow out the warriors in the finals

  13. kobe bryant says:

    Lakers 2017-2018 Champs Road to 53-29

  14. DeMarvelous DeChosen says:

    Wowry 17 PPG 6.0 RPG (6ft point gaurd) 6.7 APG. While on a 2nd seeded eastern conference team. Had to adjust to his minutes being lowered, less shot attempts and the new raptors system, but he’s finally evolved into Wowry again. Better see him in the all-star game 🔥 🔥 🔥

  15. Liwanag sa Dilim says:

    Wolve da Poster City.

  16. KingNat says:

    Wiggins dunks had me dead. RIP Poeltl

  17. Thomas T says:

    Damn, and those were actual posters too – savage

  18. Martins D says:

    whats worse these minnesota jerseys or they defense?
    (especcialy KAT and wiggins defense

  19. Alonzo Watches Vids says:

    Cant lie, Lowry is an ohkay player but underrated? Not even close . No matter the numbers you put up, if they dont transition to winning. Youre average at best.

  20. Harvey Crewe says:

    KAT > Embiid.

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