Andrew Wiggins on His Return to Golden State Warriors | April 4. 2023

Andrew Wiggins on His Return to Golden State Warriors | April 4. 2023

Andrew Wiggins met with the media to discuss his return to The Bay prior to the Golden State Warriors matchup with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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48 Responses

  1. Luka the Don-cic says:

    Much respect to Bob Meyers for standing by his players like he does. That’s how you get players to stick around an organization

  2. Kelly Wakasa says:

    he’s going GOD MODE when he comes back

  3. Arkytoob says:

    Wow. Bob Meyers, such a presence and way of protecting the humanity of his players. Love this. Respect.

    • Nis says:

      @Dialectical Monist Quick question do you think it would’ve been better if he had stayed?

    • Dialectical Monist says:

      He has no choice. That’s how the NBA is structured these days. A player can politically destroy a franchise on social media and demand whatever they want because crybabies run the world, as they spiral us into economic catastrophe.

  4. K Wu says:

    I’m not here to talk about Andrew but the working atmosphere. This should be a text book example of all big companies to learn. How an employee can be treated not just a money printing machine but also human.
    Everybody has ups and downs and Bob’s first reaction to down was ‘are you ok? How can I help?’
    This is fantastic!

    • HKim0072 says:

      I went through this with an employee on my team (medical issue).To be fair, we loved her and thought she was super smart. If she was a low performer, we probably would have cut bait / immediately replaced her (added headcount).
      Also, it was extremely tough on the other members of the team. And, we weren’t getting NBA salaries to pick up extra work.

    • Luka the Don-cic says:

      @RedPiLL Productions get a grip on reality. this kind of take is the exact problem Meyers eludes to in his opening statement. It’s bigger than basketball.

    • Michael Scott says:

      @uropy We’re talking about large corporations, not Walmart employees. A Google cyber security engineer working 20+ years that knows the ins and outs of how to do their job is not easily replaceable. Either way, it shouldn’t make a difference. Any company should treat employees properly, regardless of their “replaceability”. At the same time, I think you should have a valid reason to invoke those rights as well.

  5. Any Body says:

    I LOVE this interview. A pro basketball player being treated like a real human being by his team and the press. Doesn’t happen much anymore. Good to see!

    • Umdieecke says:

      ​@Dialectical Monist In Europe, this is possible. But it is impertinent to call it a vacation

    • Quayvo says:

      @Dialectical Monist being an NBA player isn’t the same as working for a fast food restaurant or teaching and jobs like that

    • Dialectical Monist says:

      No one gets two months paid vacation off-work in the real world.

      Only political hires and extremely valuable employees get to play that game.

    • Jada80 says:

      Only happens mostly in sports

  6. Symphony Love says:

    WELCOME BACK CHAMP!!!! Prayers to his family and wishing his dad a speedy recovery

    • mEtil5656 says:

      @현우c sorry lil guy, but “just stop it…” was not the comeback you needed 💀 anyways still wanna see your source man

    • 현우c says:

      @mEtil5656 his dad is “really” sick or “maybe” has passed away, we “don’t” know???? Bro… just stop it….

    • 현우c says:

      @Hussey Bro… you’re the one who is stating the FALSE information to fool us. Just stop it.

  7. Uttam Chandrasekhar says:

    Mega move by Bob Myers to accompany Wiggins to this presser. I’m sure it helped Wiggins handle the media’s questions.

  8. GoldenstateShinobi says:

    I’m glad he’s finally back 🙌🏽 Now let’s gooo Dubs 😤🔥

  9. SneakersWRLD says:

    Glad to have a Warriors legend back 🙏🏽❤️

    • Jamin Jones says:

      @Jared Hagger 10 rings 😂

    • AlleyAL58 says:

      ​@Solomon Williams Yes Legend in the making I’m sure he meant to say. 👍🏼

    • Mental Insurance says:

      @Jared Hagger it does….not only did he ‘just’ help..but game 5 was all him

    • Terrance Tylers says:

      ​@Jared Hagger YOu don’t like THE WARRIORS DON’T YOU

    • UnsilencedMajority says:

      He’s not a Warriors legend yet. The Warriors do not get the Championship in 2022 without him but that fact does not mean he’s a legend. The word “legend” is thrown around way too much. “GOAT”, “legend”, “icon”, etc. are all words that lose their meaning and power when used so often like they are now. Curry is a Warriors legend, Draymond, Thompson, even Iguodala are Warriors legends. Wiggins is not there yet. These are the facts and are not up for debate, irregardless of what people may say. Never forget that the average American IQ is 105. 105 is an idiot. Have a good day ❤

  10. km1031 says:

    Wow he’s back, am I dreaming?? This is an unreal feeling!!! Welcome Back!!

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