Andrew Yang – H3 Podcast #132

Andrew Yang – H3 Podcast #132

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70 Responses

  1. Giinn ASMR says:

    America please make the right choice this time, make this guy president

  2. billy nicholls says:

    I’m not even from America but I want him in ?

  3. SomeBlackGuy says:

    It’s nice to have decent human beings running for president

    • Matteo L says:

      baby prospect what surprises me? You really think this geek is gonna give us a 1000 dollars a month? You think that will help the homeless? I don’t know where your from but you can’t live off a 1000 dollars a month.

    • jonathan Ngan says:

      @Matteo L I was scared to have hope too. But you get old enough and you get to a point where you need something to believe in or you need to resign yourself into an old hopeless asshole that goes on about how “both sides are the same” and “nothing ever changes”. I don’t want to become that intransigent man yet.

    • Korrel full says:

      Yeah and fuck up our economy!

    • Evil Envy says:

      @Matteo L the point isnt to live off. Hes well aware you cant live iff of it. Idk if you have ever experienced or talked to homeless people but its hopeless for then. They have few resources and whatever they do get the need to spend trying to survive. But if they had 1k a month it opens up so many opportunities to get the hell out. This isn’t going to magically solve the problem, but it’s building a foundation to Help solve a lot of America’s problems and the problems UBI doesnt help solve immediately can then become the next focus. The alternative is what we have now and everyone talks about magical solution and nothing is done so things proceed to get worse.

    • superduperjoi says:

      Its so nice to have some black guy above me

  4. Tim Padilla says:

    So this is what it looks like when someone is actually spitting facts and not just making weird noises…..Refreshing.

  5. Matthew Ao says:

    Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Yang might become the first president in decades who truly understands his country and its economics.

    • William R says:

      Anthony Poole we have over a year til the election. A lot can change. Trump wasn’t exactly leading the polls a year out, yet he came through. Never say never.

    • Anthony Poole says:

      @17 percent yang is nothing like trump, the Republican party was truly wide open when trump ran for the nomination. The Democrats will stick with the moderate in Biden even if he continues to slip. Just like last election cycle when the dems stuck with Clinton even tho she was obviously a horrible candidate

    • ItsNotYeAlt says:

      The gamer president we need.

    • Anthony Poole says:

      Lightning isn’t gonna strike twice in two elections. Btw most of the ppl that said trump had no chance were Democrats that were trying to spin the Republican party as being a party on the verge of imploding at the time

    • Corey Metzker says:

      @Anthony Poole I understand the obstacles (looking at you DNC) are daunting but we need to spread a message of optimism to get people to start believing in him and his ability to win. If people believe he can win, then he will win.

  6. breanna bread says:

    this man is hugging me with his words, so reassuring and refreshing.

  7. Earl Morton says:

    I’m absolutely amazed by this man! It’s like he’s talking to me…he,s answering questions I didn’t think of asking. Andrew Yang has my attention and vote.

  8. Pbear 9 says:

    He gained an opinion from this podcast many for say I like him. Not big on his party but I like him and 100% down the line am most likely on yangs side

    • John McDermott says:

      He has the best shot at actually unifying our country. You should consider voting him for the primary. Trump has the R nomination locked down.

  9. OmarFW says:

    Yang is basically the non-politician candidate that people thought trump was going to be, and that’s not a bad thing. I see people getting behind him and his ideas on both sides of the aisle and that’s exactly the type of candidate who can handily win an election.

    Would love to watch him debate Trump.

  10. Rachel says:

    This guy gives me the hope I’m scared to have.

  11. Xanlin Goehl says:

    Dude… i had a hole in my bathtub once, and that shit sucks. I will vote for this man because i could really truly understand his analogy. He gets it man.

  12. Vanessa says:

    I donated after reading his book “The War on Normal People”, I think there is a free audiobook version on Youtube somewhere. Such a good book, must read. First politician I ever donated to.

  13. Lucas Browne says:

    I feel like Yang is the only candidate that gets it.

    • PassMeTheAsparagus says:

      Lucas Browne because he is! You are 100% correct! Spread the word and get out and VOTE for him in the primary. Let’s do this and make a difference for our future.

  14. AJ Moore Tap says:

    Andrew Yang gets it. Finally. A candidate that is more interested in problem solving than virtue signaling.

  15. Raylin Brown says:

    ANDREW, I HAVE SOME FEEDBACK. When I saw you in the debate and only heard a few words from you: You spoke about 1000$ for all Americans. It sounded like a voter grabbing pipe dream. Now that I have heard your explanation more in depth, and how this has precedent, I am very impressed. You truly feel like a young, intelligent, likable person. I hope that going forward we get a more “real” you. I reached out to a few friends to encourage them to find out more about your policies. Don’t become the rest of them. You are very much at the top of my list. I hope to see you move forward. Good luck, Sir. Though I’m sure you know this is not a race of luck, but skill. Use yours.

    Lots of love to Ethan, Hila, and Theodore! Long time, first time. pause. ::cringe:: 😀

    • Raylin Brown says:

      @PassMeTheAsparagus I wont!

    • Raylin Brown says:

      @AmericaNews S Omg petty crime is such a big issue for me. I live in a really diverse area, and I see how how it ruins peoples lives.

    • Raylin Brown says:

      @TMK Aquarist Yes! I’m not necessarily against the leading candidates, but this is the energy the party needs. We don’t need more of the same. Thank you so much for the response.

    • Alain Gutierrez says:

      Raylin Brown he was forced to talk about his flagship proposal as he’s still introducing himself. Those debates are stupid as they only get a like 30 seconds to answer a very complicated question.

    • Big Man says:

      Raylin Brown He will probably lose this time, but probably win his third time. Since sanders, trump, and Biden seem like more logical choices.

  16. Timmy Kirls says:

    This was great I will donate to yang because I know he will pay me back!

    • Matthew Ao says:

      Hahaha for the rest of your life

    • no says:

      for him to pay you back he would have to not only get the spot as the candidate but also win the election. Both of which are impossible. Sorry buddy youre throwing your money away. No amount of money will make Yang the candidate

    • Timmy Kirls says:

      @no if Trump won Yang can win. Enough is enough! Let’s take back American from the 1%.

    • 17 percent says:

      @no he is pollkng at 6th, and only 12% of people have chosen a candidate yet. Anythig can happen

  17. Robert Kratman says:

    I made a donation. I like how he addressed the lack of purpose in people’s lives.

    I think I’ve switched sides… Am I a yang-banger now?

  18. IDidn'tSignUpForThis says:

    This is my favorite candidate by far. He had an interview with Ben Shapiro and appeared on so many other TV shows that has never or rarely ever has politicians showing up. This man isn’t afraid of questions and is very humble coming to do interviews with many people. He doesn’t take extreme sides and I feel he is the candidate that the average person can relate to the most as well. He makes a lot of sense and has good data and support to back up his policies. I don’t really think anyone can hate this man who genuinely cares about the people. People who have sat with him and talked tend to end up agreeing with Yang and liking him.

  19. Cipher says:

    I was surprised by his take on mass shootings. First politician I’ve seen who shares my opinion of dialectical mentality being one of the main reason of the increasing number in attacks, by demonizing the enemy you justify violence against them.

    • darthclide says:

      To be clear, this demonizing is happening both ways. Just look at how quickly left leaning people will call you a Nazi if you say something like “we should focus on accepting highly skilled immigrants, and denying the rest”. The fact is, for better or worse, all Americans are responsible for these mass shootings. Not just “white nationalists”.

    • sukhbaataar says:

      @darthclide How are all Americans responsible for mass shootings that are specifically done by white nationalists?

      ”Just look at how quickly left leaning people will call you a Nazi if you say something like “we should focus on accepting highly skilled immigrants, and denying the rest””

      This is what you call a strawman argument. Who is ”left leaning people”?

      And most immigrants that come to America are already skilled, Immigrating to the US is hard, you need to proof you get a stable income and have an employer or sponsor ready to back you.

      Immigrants are not the problem in this country.

  20. Commenter McCommentFace says:

    Yang is almost too cool to be president. Not sure we can handle a president who actually understands and could participate in meme culture.

    • Bandits Mia says:

      Commenter McCommentFace Singapore had a president who understands economic and actually care about people. Now Singapore is one of the most advanced country

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