Android: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Android: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper and Scissors don’t have much in common, but that won’t stop them. Be Together. #NotTheSame

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20 Responses

  1. Javier Farfan says:

    Android, iOS y Windows Phone… XD

  2. Joy King says:

    <3 *smile*

  3. OddsomeOddy says:

    Love how Google goes offensive towards Apple now with taking Apple’s
    weaknesses to Android’s advantage

  4. Gabriel || Gabs says:

    Lol, the end is golden.

  5. Neegbeah Reeves says:


  6. Malachi Thomas says:

    What a nice video

  7. ˙ ͜ʟ˙. says:

    Paper is android, Scissors is IOS and Rock is blackberry OS

  8. Elisa NMG says:

    If Rock, Paper, Scissors was a tv show, I’d watch it.

  9. Victor Bernstein says:

    This reminds me a lot of Spongebob

  10. TheDRB says:

    Dang you! Making me flash back to middle school….

  11. Stan XCX says:

    Android sucks !!

  12. Nathaniel Graham says:


  13. Dan Gutierrez says:

    Somewhat terrifying

  14. KingFC163 says:

    71 Apple loser fanboys

  15. benny smith says:

    this ad makes me wanna buy an android phone

  16. Alyssa Leilani David Bliss says:

    thats cute

  17. Mcrbxgaming says:

    Bullies = apple

  18. Ben Swain says:

    haha 0:11, he tears paper off another guy for the spit ball

  19. Croatian_Sensation says:

    damn shots fired lol. all iPhones the same.