Andy Attempts to Scare Ellen

Andy Attempts to Scare Ellen

Ellen looks back at the time Andy tried to scare her on her way to rehearsal. What Andy did not see coming, is what happens next…

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42 Responses

  1. Adut Marial says:


  2. Tori says:


    I’m going to a show soon! :3

  3. Swastika Kesh says:

    You are soo amazing ellen

  4. Janet Gomez says:

    Andy is supposed to be scared

  5. Swastika Kesh says:

    This is the best part of the show when Andy get scared

  6. Ebony Daniels says:

    In that moment he thought he died 😭😂💀

  7. Autumn Andrews says:

    Omg I think I never pressed a vid so fast lol !!!!! Love you !!!!❤❤❤❤

  8. ShireenPlays says:

    Every. Single. Time.

    • Sandra Radhay says:

      Ellen I love,you youare the most beautiful person in the world.I have been commenting alot hoping you guys would see it.I have a beautiful story about my son I love to tell you all .Please have me tell it thanks.

    • Flor Corchado says:

      ShireenPlays juiijjfjjrurnnruyrrpokr

  9. Super Clips says:

    This shows no one can take Ellen’s place while scaring

  10. Aliya ZD says:

    Poor Andy 😂😂😂

  11. J Rollins says:

    Me and my mom and my sister watch you every day my mom does not have a enough money to come see you but I love you so much it would be a dream to come see you ❤️❤️❤️😃🙏🏼😃🙏🏼

    • LINDA CARBONE says:


    • LINDA CARBONE says:

      J Rollins I hope that you and your mother & family do someday get to meet Ellen, never let anyone steal your happiness anything is possible . A little faith can go a very long way. Best wishes for you JR 😍

    • LINDA CARBONE says:

      PS J Rollins unfortunately I don’t believe that Ellen, has anything to do with this YouTube channel ? basically I can assure you that she doesn’t read the comments. Might I suggest that you reach out to her via, email or maybe after her show she gives some type of information in regards of how to obtain tickets etc, again never give up on your dreams. best wishes for you and your family 🙂

    • BurntWafflesYT says:

      If you go on her website there’s contact information and you can get on the show if you have good reasoning. Like, if you’re too broke to live or something she has a heart

    • Oz says:

      J Rollins pathetic

  12. Abena Adu-Offeh says:

    i swear the only person who scared ellen properly was Steve Carrell

  13. anant pandey says:

    Ellen thanks for making me laugh.
    love from India

  14. J VLOGS AND SLIME says:

    Ellen i’m going to your show very soon I’m soo excited

  15. Katie Hauner says:

    1:15 to the end it sounds like she’s making babies 😂😂😂

  16. Rockylol says:

    Even the cameraman knew what was gonna happen & was already waiting for it to happen lol

  17. Kisha says:



    Why are you stubborn?

    Okay since you are still here I have to tell you something😰

    Carry on….


    A little bit more…




    Okay stop

    I said stop! 🛑

    You gonna hate me for this but you need to go a little bit more😬

    Sorry but you need to go further😞

    You still have a long way to go😕

    But at least you got this far😁

    So CONGRATS 🎈🎉🍾🎊

    WOW! I’m shocked you still going😱

    That takes real commitment😱😁


    Guess what!

    You’ve just wasted your time😂

    So Thank You for your time🙃

    Have a nice day☺️
    P.s If you don’t like this then I AM SORRY😔😢

  18. ღAby Tess says:

    I love Ellen and Andy’s relationship😂

  19. WorldTrends says:

    I could at some point make a big competition for you……

  20. Anastasia Fine says:

    To the 1% of you that see this comment I hope your biggest dream comes true. Remember that anything is possible! My dream is to reach 10k! ☺️ have a lovely day. 💕

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