Andy Cohen & Scheana Shay Breakdown Raquel’s Shocking ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reveal | Making A Scene

Andy Cohen & Scheana Shay Breakdown Raquel’s Shocking ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Reveal | Making A Scene

Andy Cohen, Scheana Shay and Bravo and Bravo/NBC executives Alex Baskin and Erica Forstadt reveal all the behind-the-scenes details you didn’t see at the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ reunion. Here’s how everything went down from Ariana Madix’s revenge dress to Scheana Shay’s BTS video taken from her trailer (100 feet away from Raquel). Plus, find out who will be returning to the new season of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ and why Tom Sandoval said what he said about the t-shirt.

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48 Responses

  1. Nimco Farah says:

    Its beyond me how its okay for tom who is 42 years old to keep yelling, lying, and belittle women.

  2. Tina Johnson says:

    PLEASE RAQUEL DO NOT GO BACK!!! Kristen lied for Tom, Ariana lied for Tom, you’ve already lied for Tom. The chick(s) after you will lie for Tom. TOM NEEDS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. CikisHelyzet says:

    Shame on Tom’s family for hosting the other woman.
    Really disgusting. No wonder Sandoval has no moral compass.

    • Diana Scott says:

      Arianna knew them for almost 10 years and she said none of Tom’s family reached out to her … shameful!

    • SLASHERWAVE TV says:

      @Diana Scott I mean what was his family supposed to do? I feel like yes that’s his family but it’s not really their business, they probably just didn’t wanna get involved or didn’t care.

    • gizzy2324 says:

      Tom is 42. What do you expect his parents to do?

    • Rochelle Hansen says:

      After 10 years and not have any family reach out? That’s effed up because they should be as close as family with her after that long. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 7 years and if this shit happened to me and his family didn’t reach out at all AND knew before hand and let it slide….oh I would lose my ever loving shit! That’s straight up fucked up.

    • lovelao76 says:

      His family probably didn’t like Ariana

  4. David says:

    I honestly think Raquels lack of emotion is just a defense mechanism for the reality of the consequences of her actions. I mean the life she had with her friends, her job, rising role in a reality tv series – the trajectory of her life has just completely crashed and will arguably never look the same. I mean, this is career ending in a variety of ways, the social, emotional, and financial fallout alone would be traumatic enough…but that doesn’t even include the cultural fallout; I mean, can you imagine becoming an American cultural sensation in which peoples hatred of you is collectively shared both nationally and internationally??? Shit, do you know how rare it is for democrats and republicans to agree about anything in America?? Well Raquel has just achieved that, becoming a pop cultural fleeting individual who is collectively embraced by all media/news outlets with the same outrage and disgust. I couldn’t even imagine.

    • Lesia Grigoras says:

      Well said

    • Gutten Aug says:

      Exactly what I was thinking..I’ve been in a similar situation and some people just close up

    • lalimf305 says:

      Agreed. I don’t think she can mentally handle the impact and extent of her vile actions yet. Like…that shit is eating her up and will forever eat her up as long as their relationship continues. I’m not saying this because I’m holier than thou. I’m saying this bc when you’ve played any similar role in infidelity, you’d understand it would’ve been 1000% easier to have never done it in the first place. She’ll learn too. It’ll just come with a hard price.

    • Master of Wit says:

      Holy shit your comment encompasses it all 🎯🎯🎯 I cannot imagine trying to recover from this. It is diabolical on absolutely every single solitary level. And she’s not even 30 yet.

    • Zinhle lo says:

      ya’ll are so dramatic.😅

  5. Decca Port says:

    What did you expect her to do though? Nothing she would have done would have been acceptable. She showed up. Lisa didn’t show up to a reunion when she was in the hot seat if I remember correctly. Say what you want but the girl has balls to walk into that lions den with no backup and not crumble to pieces

    • Johanna Wigg says:

      That’s true but in Lisa’s defence she had lost her brother that season and those vipers were coming for her when she had nothing to defend herself for, but definitely props to Raquel for being there in front of the self appointed judges, jury and executioners

    • fernanda olivares says:

      It was like watching a bunch of rabid hiennas attack a baby elephant…it was really awful honestly I don’t care what she did, those women need professional help.

    • reena kemp says:

      ​@fernanda olivares yeah, Lalas behavior was disgusting. Especially considering she is the same if not worse than Raquel

    • C S says:

      ​@reena kemplala slept with her best friends man?

    • Bay B Voss 66 says:

      What Raquel has is no SHAME, the woman is shamelessly smirking in her trailer while watching the reunion…Oh, she’s a bad seed through and through.

  6. SadieLady says:

    Sandavol was only a shell of himself because he was caught and the image he tried to have over the years has crumbled. He was crying for himself, he was not remorseful whatsoever. If there was remorse he would have been more humble and would have not blamed anything on Ariana. He got caught and he feels sorry for himself.

  7. AL says:

    I wish Raquel could had found the courage to tell the truth during the reunion it would had been interesting to see how Lyin’ Tom would had reacted.

  8. Bibliomaniac says:

    I absolutely loved the uncensored, extended reunion on Peacock. It was interesting to watch both the Bravo and Peacock coverage. So many small but significant moments were included on Peacock. My hope is that Bravo will consider continuing this trend for other shows’ reunions. For anyone to try explain Tom’s callous comment about A. wearing a tee during sex is disgusting. Exhaustion is not an excuse. It may account for him dropping the act and letting us see how he spoke to A. off camera. What else did he say to drag her down when the world wasn’t watching? As for the “shocking” revelation at the end, as a VPR fan who follows the show’s social media gossip, it wasn’t a surprise at all.

  9. Samantha Foster says:

    Raquels lack of emotion is CHILLING, The fact that her apology to Ariana is so cold and just robotic was so hard to stomach. Like how can you just not be sobbing? You blew you your whole life for a what? FOR WHAT? It’s so sad for Ariana but Raquels just blank face is chilling, disturbing and concerning and that’s putting it mildly.

    • Forevermarcia says:

      She probably was on a tranquilizer

    • Lori g says:

      I don’t find it chilling so much as It makes me laugh and think that she is an AI robot trying to understand human emotion, reactions and social norms.

  10. Mara Mash says:

    Making excuses for Rachel because they want her back. She was still lying.
    Making excuses for Sandoval…inexcusable!

    • nettie a says:

      That girl is just as selfish and sinister as Sandoval. They deserve each other. He will bite her over time and she will move on and how he got her he will lose her. They r both gross liars and connivers

    • Lori r says:

      She has remorse at least for hurting people

    • Quantum Mystery says:

      @Lori r she still with Tom, how is that being remorseful

    • Rachell Ray says:

      It was brave! This girl didn’t end someone’s life. She couldn’t sleep! I’m sure the lies were building up and she couldn’t take it anymore.

    • Mila says:

      Ariana did the same thing while he was with kristen what is your point?

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