Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Luis Ortiz | Preview Highlight | PBC on FOX

Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Luis Ortiz | Preview Highlight | PBC on FOX

Former Heavyweight champion Andy “The Destroyer” Ruiz Jr. went head-to-head with Luis “King Kong” Ortiz at the arena in Los Angeles, California on September 4, 2022. Watch highlights from their pay-per-view bout and order the fight here:

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Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Luis Ortiz | Preview Highlight | PBC on FOX


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38 Responses

  1. Joe lift says:

    Andy Ruiz’s hand speed is insane, he exploited that in his training and the results are incredible

  2. Curtis Cool says:

    Possibly the worst highlights of fight ever! Didn’t even show the knockdown 🤦‍♂️

  3. ReyesRN1 says:

    I was hoping Andy Ruiz to be more Aggressive when he had Luis Ortiz hurt. That being said, Ruiz looked better this fight than his last fight. Good win.

    • Kuya Ver says:

      Yeah but Ortiz can fight back. Ruiz didn’t just be aggressive

    • Easy Grin says:

      Ruiz was looking good. I’d like to see him in a bit better shape again. He has good fundamentals great pop in both hands and a pair of cast iron chins. I”d like ro see a good in shape and motivated Ruiz fight Fury or Usyk. Could both be interesting…

    • Roberto Hernandez says:

      You didn’t see Ortiz left the second after he got up lol

    • TheGreatest says:

      Yeah ruiz is a very poor finisher. When he had joshua gone he just followed him around for four rounds before eventually getting him.

  4. Mazz says:

    Amazing you can have highlights but miss all the knock-downs 🧐

  5. Pablo Ramos says:

    good fight for Ruiz 🇲🇽💯 has a lot to improve tho needs to be a little more aggressive when he knows he has his opponents hurt but overall he’s a very good boxer at heavyweight 👍

  6. Bingbongho says:

    ruiz had ortiz hurt so many times and he let him recover

  7. County Jay says:

    Thanks for DAZN where highlights don’t show a longer introduction than the fight

  8. Jude Servina says:

    They landed almost the same amount of punches despite Ortiz throwing almost double the amount, Ruiz still landed more power punches and scored 3 knockdowns, one judge scores it 113-112 🤡🤣🤡then pbc then put out highlights without showing the knockdowns 🤣🤡🤣 the levels PBC go to to maintain the myth of bogeyman Ortiz is incredible. Andy won this fight by a mile.

  9. TrueGold88 says:

    the early knockdowns won the fight for ruiz, because of that he also allowed himself not to throw many hands and save stamina. skilled ortiz did well, you can knock him down 4+ times, he’ll get up, and fight till the end, much respect! imagine if ortiz was 3-4 year younger….

    • Kuhan Block says:

      @GuerreroDeLaInfo round 8 actually. Ortiz was ready to follow up but the doctor came in to check on Wilder even though he wasn’t dropped, wasn’t cut or even disoriented. And the nerve of him to slander Fury’s name after the rematch when he himself has had a pretty shady career. Wilder had his promoter erase all video evidence of a knockdown he had from earlier in his career as well

    • Ritz Kola says:

      @GuerreroDeLaInfo cLenelo robbed Lara

    • GuerreroDeLaInfo says:

      @Kuhan Block and Ortiz was robbed of a tko in round 7 when he had wilder hurt

    • Kuhan Block says:

      4 years ago he got starched by Wilder

    • scottybottybanana says:

      If he were 3 or 4 years younger he’s still be 50 something 😂

  10. Vidal Singh says:

    Fight starts from 1:31
    Ruiz was very tactical, can’t understand why the crowd booed during the middle rounds.

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