Andy’s Opening Film – The Emmys 2015

Andy’s Opening Film – The Emmys 2015

The opening film from the 76th Annual Emmy Awards

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20 Responses

  1. Banter Beast says:

    when the description is wrong

  2. cam gibbs says:

    finaly i have been waiting for a new vid forever

  3. holaMattias says:

    Come on make more videos pls

  4. jknochel76 says:

    and I’m white

  5. Rtoipasaluk says:

    and I’m white!

  6. Yellow King says:

    So many shows, and all of them Jewish propaganda. I think I’ll just go on
    the internet instead.

  7. Poodie Pie says:

    so this is why they didin’t upload for a year….HE WAS WATCHING ALL THE

  8. themangler5 says:

    +Poodie Pie “this is a comment ” <--- guess i am racist as well now, since i am stating the obvious

  9. Evan Cordova says:

    and I’m white ha ha

  10. ikua ribery says:

    the part that got me was ” and I’m white “

  11. sethias141 says:

    where can u watch a repeat of the emmys?

  12. The Livid Box says:

    wtf did I just watch.

  13. Simon Woodcock says:

    And Doctor Who was not hear because. . .

  14. The Last Prophet says:

    not one mention of the walking dead

  15. TheMad Bunny says:

    American Horror Story?

  16. iamihop says:

    The best joke in this was the one-liner: “Emmys”

    Had me rolling on the ground.

  17. Sean Harmon says:

    That ending had me in fucking pieces.

  18. jacob dailey says:

    This was worth the years wait.

  19. David Fakler says:

    and i’m white HAHAHAHA

  20. Jessica Zane says:

    These guys were so damn awesome a couple years ago and they faded fast.