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Additional Animators:
Aaron Estrada:
Alaylay: |
Jomm: |

Original Music by Christopher Carlone

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51 Responses

  1. TroNboT says:

    im so angry that mob psycho have ended?

  2. TheLightSilent says:

    Wasnt crunchyroll out of business after companies stopped allowing crunchyroll to stream their anime.

  3. The Creeper King says:

    “Being mad is expensive”
    Well yes my brother lost me as a reasonable brother because of his assholery

  4. Liban Ibrahim says:

    Yo…but that fight scene though? that shit was nice

  5. Taken Eye says:

    DOMICS at the last minute when the guy was crying watching anime it reminded my self watching akame ga kill ;(

  6. Mystik Cyan says:

    “Hmmm..I guess you have a point. MAYBE IF PEOPLE WEREN’T SO DUUM-”

    You my good sir. Take this like.

  7. Grade Is A Nonce says:


    You are so lucky you dont have bigger problems in your life… ?

  8. Inky Minky says:

    We had two great quotes in this vid.
    “I got mad a lot when I was younger, and I always ended up breaking stuff. So I was like, nahhhhh. Benin mad is expensive. ”
    “You should avoid being angry. Becoz on the rare occasion that u do. It’s much more effective.”

  9. Sick Boy says:

    6:08 sorry i know you’re telling us to not get mad but if i was you when she sat down i would just drive to place without her
    Edit:wow thanks for the likes (・∀・)

  10. PopCross Studios Art says:

    1:53 – my favourite form of anger management is also dressing like Godzilla and kicking over cardboard box buildings

  11. WaHUB TM says:

    domics: *exists*
    sponsors: *it’s free real estate*

  12. hiding secrets says:

    you spelled the title wrong

    it’s actually *A M G E R*

  13. Raim Animation says:

    Phil: aw you think I’m nice? YOU FOOL

    **Phil then starts going full on rage mode**

  14. Umarurin says:

    I think seeing someone be passive aggressive is halarious. I laughed so hard at 7:00

  15. Elijah Nathan says:

    WTF? that animation tokayaki punch was awesome

  16. Jiren chillin in the comment section says:

    Next vid: Travelling
    Me: I’m mad because I live in Europe and memes are banned here but I love em 🙁
    Domics: I got u. *_Just go to NordVPN/Domics and use code “Domics” for 75% off_*

  17. Inøp Nølastname says:

    Domics: “Being angry is bad”

    The Hulk: *visible confusion*

  18. Arnav Nagpal says:

    So…You forgave Steve? Can we have the story now?

  19. DerplyC says:

    4:09 even tho Spongebob has ended, people would still bring easter eggs about the show.

  20. Sweet Corn says:

    7:24 *iS tHAt A MoThaFUcKinG Jojo reFeREncE?*

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