Angry Rep Steve Knight

Angry Rep Steve Knight

Simi Valley, CA
Congressman Steve Knight held an open house at his Simi Valley office. He would not allow a group of protesters in his office but met with them outside after his event ended. Video by Robin Hvidston, We The People Rising

Rep Steve Knight

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20 Responses

  1. Wolf Man Lyken says:

    Thumbs up if you didn’t know who this guy was before you clicked this.

  2. Dong Ku Yu says:

    That bald dude in the back looks like a devil worshiper.

  3. aaron seigler says:

    I kinda feel for Steve Knight. I mean, come on guys stop being rude what
    has this world come too?

  4. grabir01 says:

    I see what is going on here.. The First hand shaker has him wrist twist
    crunch lock and squeezing this guys hands a fingers in an aggressive manner
    and will not let go and this is pissing this Steve off. And this guy does
    the twin shoulder patt in an effort to show dominance over Rep Steve.. I
    do not know this Steve guy, but if I were him, I would have kicked this
    hand shaking dude in the nuts and then Kneed him in the face followed by a
    hip throw to the pavement then stomping on his head and face cashing in any
    gold fillings or teeth he may have !!

  5. Jacob Santana says:

    White people especially white americans are the worst motherfuckers on

  6. theOCGN says:

    How does not supporting illegal immigration make me xenophobic in any way

    I don’t understand how abiding by the law means you have a fear of

  7. Patrick The Reaper says:

    pfft, human rights. Who needs them. #RepublicanParty #GOP #spreadthehate


    damn he should have drop that fag.

  9. David Andrus says:

    Another RINO loser. Hopefully Cali votes he out, they’ll be better for it.

  10. MrCudlebuny says:

    I dont see why I should care xD but im only 17 soo yeah

  11. stripervince1 says:

    Very good rep knight. I woulda got in that dudes face too. A little harsh
    on that hand shake and double arm slap there. After you told him you’d drop
    him he backed up and looked horrified.

  12. Noaflame says:

    I think it is so sad that the child at the end holding up the obama poster
    thinks that way. He is obviously too young to fully understand the
    circumstances and is essentially brainwashed by his parents and/or
    community. I bet he would be holding a completely different sign if he
    lived with parents that are pro-liberal. 

  13. BlakeHardin230 says:

    Did yall see that nice green jeep back there lol

  14. Basic_Psychology says:

    I am surprised he didn’t sue the guy who touched him. The definition of
    assault is unwanted touch…… So this guy actually bothered to meet
    protesters outside his office? That is unheard of. Politicians usually
    avoid protesters. I think the YouTube posters of this video are pretty

  15. AirAtNight says:

    Isnt this native american land anyways?

  16. Tokey43 says:

    Not a bad guy at all

  17. thebestofmosdef says:

    I’d be pissed too if somebody gave me an uncomfortably long handshake
    bending my wrist, and then patronizingly slapped my shoulder like that.
    That guy needs to respect people’s boundaries.

  18. mike soto says:

    Man I’ll tell you something that spic on camera it’s a fucking clown for
    the white people and the spics out there! Peace out bitches

  19. nehil patel says:

    I wish he did drop his ass

  20. Bill Sinn says:

    Gotta love it when a politicians ignorant dumb assed followers suddenly
    turn their crazy back on them.