Animal Crossing: New Horizons – April Free Update – Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – April Free Update – Nintendo Switch

More good times await in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, starting with the free April update landing on your island April 23! Check out new seasonal events like Nature Day, and May Day, two new merchants: Leif and Redd, and the addition of an art gallery to the museum!

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75 Responses

  1. Rudy Walker says:

    Tom nook: I have invited all my friends except Brewster he’s dead to me!
    Tortimer is also dead may he rest in peace…

  2. Quality Shitposts says:

    5 star island people: You can’t defeat me.

    People with unfinished/average islands: I know, but he can.

    *Leif appears*

  3. Leremiah says:

    Why is one of the villagers dressed like Jeff from Earthbound?

  4. Eternal Bliss says:

    Whenever you see a little flower, I hope you think of me and smile. – Leif

  5. Alice Wright says:

    I wouldn’t go on any plane that was going on a “May Day” tour

  6. Natalie le Artist says:

    I cant get over how cute this game is. I can’t wait to get it sometime this year!!

  7. just chillin says:

    I’m literally fangirling over two fictional alpacas

    • Zenigundam says:

      I don’t play this toddler’s game, but you better be a girl to make a comment like that. I don’t care how hard Gen Z tries to sell it, if a man uses the word “fangirling”, he might as well come outta the closet.

    • TKirbyGD says:

      Zenigundam “”””””””””toddlers game”””””””””””

  8. Yo shi says:

    0:34 Painting has purple flowers
    0:41 same painting on the right with Blue Flowers
    Tip for new players, Redd sells counterfeit art pieces.
    Blathers doesn’t accept fakes.

  9. MrCerulean7 says:

    Yeah I figured that Redd wouldn’t step foot on an Island that’s part of Tom Nooks business considering he betrayed Tom Nook and took all his money when he was younger.

  10. JubberGubb says:

    “Reese and Cyrus Wedding” Sometimes Nintendo knows what I want before I want it

  11. Dee-Dee says:

    Me: Finally sets up all the fences on my island
    Nintendo: SHRUBS

  12. whezze says:


  13. Dreganastra00 says:

    Finally Vinny can Marry Scoot like he’s always dreamed.

  14. TAP 0N MY PHOT0!! Y0U WiLL Be SH0CKEd says:

    Nintendo at the minute be like:
    Merry quarantine

  15. GrantR says:

    Villager: *steps on boat* Redd: “Look at me, I am the captain now!”

  16. Jules says:

    1:08 Most casual return of a main character ever.

  17. Halle Strunsee says:

    They should bring back perfect fruits who’s with me?

    • RocGirl05 says:

      Halle Strunsee and the rest of the fruits 🥺🥺 I miss lychee and persimmons

    • TheJoyStickPlayer GamesRule says:

      @RocGirl05 actually I think we are GETTING PERSIMONS. Do me a favor and when you get Moms Kleenex Box, customize it. When you customize it theres a Fruit customization option. On one side theres Apples, Pears, Peaches, and Oranges. The other side has Cherrys, Turnips…and Persimmons.

    • TN NT says:

      @TheJoyStickPlayer GamesRule why would you waste turnips on a damn tissue box?

  18. some guy on google says:

    people: want gyros and froggy chair

    nintendo: oh you want redd

  19. Overly Dedicated says:

    When will we be able to start crafting more than one thing at a time and being able to buy more than one item from the same category in the Able sisters shop?

  20. luciel 2004 says:

    “so no Brewster?”
    *Slams phone on the ground*
    *Breaks skateboard*

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