Animal Crossing: New Horizons – April Free Update – Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – April Free Update – Nintendo Switch

More good times await in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, starting with the free April update landing on your island April 23! Check out new seasonal events like Nature Day, and May Day, two new merchants: Leif and Redd, and the addition of an art gallery to the museum!

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75 Responses

  1. Rudy Walker says:

    Tom nook: I have invited all my friends except Brewster he’s dead to me!
    Tortimer is also dead may he rest in peace…

  2. Quality Shitposts says:

    5 star island people: You can’t defeat me.

    People with unfinished/average islands: I know, but he can.

    *Leif appears*

  3. Leremiah says:

    Why is one of the villagers dressed like Jeff from Earthbound?

  4. Eternal Bliss says:

    Whenever you see a little flower, I hope you think of me and smile. – Leif

  5. Alice Wright says:

    I wouldn’t go on any plane that was going on a “May Day” tour

  6. Natalie le Artist says:

    I cant get over how cute this game is. I can’t wait to get it sometime this year!!

  7. just chillin says:

    I’m literally fangirling over two fictional alpacas

    • Zenigundam says:

      I don’t play this toddler’s game, but you better be a girl to make a comment like that. I don’t care how hard Gen Z tries to sell it, if a man uses the word “fangirling”, he might as well come outta the closet.

    • TKirbyGD says:

      Zenigundam “”””””””””toddlers game”””””””””””

  8. Yo shi says:

    0:34 Painting has purple flowers
    0:41 same painting on the right with Blue Flowers
    Tip for new players, Redd sells counterfeit art pieces.
    Blathers doesn’t accept fakes.

  9. MrCerulean7 says:

    Yeah I figured that Redd wouldn’t step foot on an Island that’s part of Tom Nooks business considering he betrayed Tom Nook and took all his money when he was younger.

    • billie bean says:

      Swiper no swiping

    • Kaneda says:

      @Zenigundam hahaha haha hahaha ha ha haha hah hahaha

    • Blubber Nubber says:

      @Zenigundam this game slaps harder than your dad beating you

    • Mike Myers says:

      @Zenigundam then look into it lmao, just look up redd animal crossing. I watched a 10 min vid the other day, not even about redd but about Tom nook and I understand evrything about redd. Leif just sells plantlife n the other one ppl r gassing about idk, but I could find out with a quick Google search

    • Bolt 3887 says:

      What did Redd do I only saw the movie and barley played new leaf so I don’t know his role in animal crossing

  10. JubberGubb says:

    “Reese and Cyrus Wedding” Sometimes Nintendo knows what I want before I want it

  11. Dee-Dee says:

    Me: Finally sets up all the fences on my island
    Nintendo: SHRUBS

  12. whezze says:


  13. Dreganastra00 says:

    Finally Vinny can Marry Scoot like he’s always dreamed.

  14. TAP 0N MY PHOT0!! Y0U WiLL Be SH0CKEd says:

    Nintendo at the minute be like:
    Merry quarantine

  15. GrantR says:

    Villager: *steps on boat* Redd: “Look at me, I am the captain now!”

  16. Jules says:

    1:08 Most casual return of a main character ever.

  17. Halle Strunsee says:

    They should bring back perfect fruits who’s with me?

    • RocGirl05 says:

      Halle Strunsee and the rest of the fruits 🥺🥺 I miss lychee and persimmons

    • TheJoyStickPlayer GamesRule says:

      @RocGirl05 actually I think we are GETTING PERSIMONS. Do me a favor and when you get Moms Kleenex Box, customize it. When you customize it theres a Fruit customization option. On one side theres Apples, Pears, Peaches, and Oranges. The other side has Cherrys, Turnips…and Persimmons.

    • TN NT says:

      @TheJoyStickPlayer GamesRule why would you waste turnips on a damn tissue box?

  18. some guy on google says:

    people: want gyros and froggy chair

    nintendo: oh you want redd

  19. Overly Dedicated says:

    When will we be able to start crafting more than one thing at a time and being able to buy more than one item from the same category in the Able sisters shop?

  20. luciel 2004 says:

    “so no Brewster?”
    *Slams phone on the ground*
    *Breaks skateboard*

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