Animal Crossing : New Horizons (dunkview)

Animal Crossing : New Horizons (dunkview)

“You owe me 200,000 golden doubloons and i better get it too” – Tom Crook.

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Credits song by Mesmonium

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70 Responses

  1. Roman Soto says:

    Leah heard the 4 out of 5 and was ready to sign some divorce papers.

  2. Boccs says:

    What’s really impressive is Leah caught that fish while blindfolded and letting her brother play.

  3. 3 says:

    It’d been funnier if it said *”more leah”*

  4. Super Slash says:

    Remember when Peta wanted attention by telling us to play Animal Crossing the VEGAN WAY…

    Can we return to that time period…

    • A HA says:

      What. Why would anyone care what that asshole animal murdering company says or wants. Their leadership want to exterminate dogs because they are a slave species, no joke.

    • crisiscore341 says:

      Please, please elaborate on this. I need to hear the correct way to play since I never owned an Animal Crossing game in my life.

    • Harrison Lane says:

      @crisiscore341 they released a jokey guide about how to respect your villagers and ecosystem (the joke was that they applied real-world conservation techniques to a video game), and the internet went apeshit because they’ve never seen satire before. Basically, they did the same thing the British CDC did when they released a “zombie survival guide,” and the internet went apeshit.

      PETA may be a mess of a company but they aren’t completely oblivious to what they’re putting out.

  5. CalebCream says:

    “This is a chicken wing”
    “This is a celery”
    “This is a leprechaun”
    “This is my credit card”

  6. ModernEden says:

    Welcome to Dunkey being threatened to give Animal Crossing a 5 out of 5

  7. Kuruakama says:

    dunkey : guys i don’t like animal crossing

    leah : *loads shotgun*

    dunkey : i mean i really love it guys i was just kidding

  8. laffy cade says:

    The part where he talks about slow paced 60dollar games at the start was insightful and accurate
    Another reason that makes animal crossing enjoyable because for me the patience and progress was worth it

  9. Space doge says:

    You can tell by his voice and the ways he speaks that he is held by gunpoint and pleading for help.

  10. ayden weeks says:

    Leah uses the “My husband had the controller” excuse when she misses catching a fish.

  11. Will Emerson says:

    Lol he accidentally made his character white. Maybe his finger slipped

  12. Freakin'Usernames says:

    It sounds like Leah unlocked the gun tool at the end.

  13. PettyPainFang says:

    Donkey: I give it a 4-
    Leah: “cocks gun”
    Donkey: -I mean a 5 out of 5

  14. flibbittygibbitt!? says:

    I love how Animal Crossing and DOOM Eternal released on the same day but Animal Crossing is the game where you can be the bigger psychopath.

  15. Ghostly Meme says:

    “I would like to unlock the gun tool”

  16. Manna says:

    Never thought I’d see Dunkey say he wanted Animal Crossing to be more like Yakuza and Shenmue, yet here we are.

  17. Hutty says:

    Dunkey’s depression is obvious here. Leah has left him for the irresistible war hero, Roald.

  18. Hamza Nadir says:

    it’s as if, someone was constantly pointing a gun to his head throughout the script

  19. Chris O says:

    “…it has a little something for everyone!”

  20. Daniel Mandich says:

    0:18 “these are 60+ hour games that can be mastered in the first 2 hours of playing.”
    3:40 can’t catch a fish.

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