C’est quand même emmerdant pour les animaux de cohabiter avec 7 milliards de cons.
Might be annoying for animals to live with 7 billion jerks.

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20 Responses

  1. Hadrien M says:

    Tu travailles dans un vétérinaire

  2. triki prime says:

    je trouve ca super que tu sensibilise les gens tous les youtuber devrait
    faire de même car je trouve ca dégueulasse d’abandonner des animaux
    Merde quoi si on sait pas prendre de responsabilités faut pas s’y engagé

  3. Luis lng says:

    back when it wasn’t staged

  4. Mike Hegge says:

    what song is this?

  5. Exom Owl says:

    I think the lady say in your mind ” Shit nigga everybody here is crazy,
    maybe I’ll go to other side” and the dog … well

  6. Toby McTobinson says:

    If I walked in on that I would have thought it was some weird fetish thing.
    Like Furry role-playing of some sort.

  7. Votca -SuceMon Pied says:

    T’est zoophile

  8. Robert Weaver says:

    Remi, the last REAL prankster. May he always do whatever he pleases. Amen.

  9. LayZ says:

    Remi strikes again! :D

  10. userwhosinterestedin says:

    Animals aren’t individuals or persons, bc they don’t have man-like self
    conciousness. Therefore you just can’t grant them the same rights as
    humans. There is no difference between beating a fly and beating a dog e.g.

  11. poke some smot says:


  12. Albeiro Camacho says:

    Un mensaje contundente que te deja en el corazón un sentimiento inefable.
    Gracias Remi, un saludo desde Colombia.

  13. blablabla says:

    Quedo pirando colores la doña

  14. ganstathuginit says:

    Sad he’s not an american and cant speak english. His publicity would’ve
    been enormous. ?

  15. Nicolas Carreño says:

    El mejor xX

  16. vincent letellier says:

    bravo remi

  17. Stu life says:

    wen video +10 y fav lince

  18. ItsMeNiko says:


  19. Melly Glitter says:

    In an alternate universe where Furry Hitler won WWII…

  20. -MARSO AMIR PEZ - says:

    That’s sort of creepy