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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote looks back at the WORST animal bites he has taken since launching the Brave Wilderness channel!

From Alligators to Giant Desert Centipedes our fearless host has been bitten by some pretty formidable chompers.

Get ready learn why animals bite Coyote…A LOT!

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52 Responses

  1. Ashteroid says:

    Im Coyote Peterson and Im *I M M O R T A L*

  2. Swedish gamer says:

    Keep up the good work!!
    Your and inspiration

  3. Nathan Sun says:

    coyote same screen as me when bitten by a ant 😂

  4. Shawn Doodlesnorp says:

    When you run out of animals to bite you

  5. DO YOU KNOW DA WAE???? ? says:

    You live my nightmares every video😂

  6. Its_Me_Romano _ says:

    so anyone else here afraid Coyote might lose his eyes cuz they are sometimes so far opened they just might roll out

  7. recca hun says:

    compilation of mark saying are you ok to cayote lol

  8. Alex K says:

    Aaaaaahh oooohh aaaaaaaaaa

  9. Clash Gaming says:

    r you my grandfather 😂😂😂🎅

  10. Hound Life Vlogs says:

    OUCH! But so awesome 😄

  11. xXBrittany20Xx says:

    I bet coyote has beaten or almost beaten a world record of being bitten by living creatures. He should check and see.

  12. Clash Gaming says:

    do in India

  13. Saturday Projects says:

    I’ll say it. You’re crazy.

  14. hummer 1404 says:

    I want to se a remixzzz

  15. Rick Jansen says:

    This is why women live longer than men

  16. Biology Outdoors says:

    Coyote, get stung by the Executioner Wasp

  17. megagamingrex and more says:

    I wont to see you bitten from a T REX skull

  18. Life's Wild Adventures says:

    That’s the start to clickbait. Words and cutouts as the thumbnail. next step is “not clickbait” or “emotional”
    I’ve seen it before, as a channel starts losing views per video, clickbait begins.
    Edit: lol it’s interesting that people get mad at me saying this. You do realize clickbait is a part of marketing right? It’s smart I’m not saying it’s wrong

    • Life's Wild Adventures says:

      vin 950 that’s to a subscriber/fan
      What about someone who this is there first video? It’s kinda indirect and hard to tell what the video is gonna be, that sparks interest, curiosity, they click, boom new viewer lol

    • DerpTrooper4000 says:

      I think what life’s wild adventures is saying is that this video is fine and isn’t deceiving clickbait but videos and circumstances like this can often be the start of it. More of a warning than an insult.

    • I'm alone Dude says:

      Life’s Wild Adventures Is this clickbait? Or what, tell me ur answer.

    • Stupid Lmao says:

      Life’s Wild Adventures it’s not really click baiting, just because it’s different from any of the videos does not mean it’s click bait. click bait is like Logan Paul, he click baited, he put a dead body for his thumbnail, which made people wanna click more. now, coyote here, it’s kind the same content, he’s just putting the worst bites that he’s had. common sense. 🙂

    • Nibbling Nibbles oh my golly says:

      Coyote never clickblaits on his channel except with collin

  19. WiTh ArOo says:

    you are superman 💜
    love you from kurdistan 😍

  20. CLimePi says:

    That moment when coyote getting bit by an alligator is only his 4th worst bite ever…

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