Animaniacs React To Kids React To Animaniacs

Animaniacs React To Kids React To Animaniacs

Kids React to Animaniacs reacted to by Animaniacs Voice Stars. Follow links below.
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Animaniacs Voice Stars React to Kids React To Animaniacs. Watch to see their reactions.

Content featured:
Kids React To Animaniacs (25th Anniversary) –

Special Guests:
Rob Paulsen
Twitter: @yakkopinky

Jess Harnell
Twitter: @JessHarnell
Instagram: @jessharnell_


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Animaniacs React To Kids React To Animaniacs

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34 Responses

  1. Sara C says:

    don’t mind me, just fangirling over here

  2. SBragdon212 says:

    Ohhhh myyyyy. The new countries song though!! That voice actor deserves every Emmy, Oscar, Teen Choice awards, etc!! Amazing work man. Amazing.

  3. Peter Badger says:

    Holy crap, Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome Rob Paulsen is? The way he can just casually recite that new verse to the countries song. Damn…

  4. danny richards says:

    β€œHow do they know about the fourth wall?”

    Me: Probably Deadpool’s fault

  5. Aph Earth says:

    The fact that Rob still remembers the words to the countries song is incredible

  6. Ryan Crowe says:

    “Just between the president and the Kardashians alone we’ve got 12 years of shows”, yes so true!

  7. Steven Miller says:

    Only 90’s kids will remember the old Animanacs.

    Only 20’s kids will remember the new Animaniacs.

  8. thecholl says:

    (9:42) “…I can sit in front of you guys and go “NARF!” … and you do that, you smile!” — Hell, yeah!

  9. MoonPalette Art says:

    Rob Paulsen is a legend, he’s always been my favourite voice actor

  10. gyloir says:

    This was great, I loooved the Animaniacs, can’t wait to see the new ones.

  11. it's just brandy says:

    How many 30somethings freaked out when he sang that additional song??!!

  12. Anime Ari says:

    Did anyone think for a second they were actually going to bring in or animate yakko wacko and dot?

  13. Garth Palmer says:

    Crazy that the Yakko dude can still remember the countries song

  14. Rick Hardy says:

    Who else is in there 20s and are going to watch the reboot when its out say AYE

  15. Rebbi T says:

    They still got it, legends omg 😍

  16. Scott says:

    That was great fun. And Rob Paulsen doing those new verses of the countries song? That was awesome. πŸ™‚

  17. Danwolf15 says:

    My god THAT’S AMAZING.
    My god the guy playing Yacko is soo talented. He just did the countries song LIVE in the studio !!! I think the camera crew was constantly grinning in the back for sure,when he was talking

  18. Madara DakΕ‘a says:

    I was about to comment about the fact that Latvia is not in Soviet Union anymore, but then I heard his next song awww

    • Madara DakΕ‘a says:

      It’s weird tho, this came out the year my older brother was born and the Soviet Union didn’t exist anymore then and a few years before even so it’s a but confusing

  19. The Cowboy gf says:

    It’s cool to see the people behind the voices πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ™‚πŸ˜ƒ

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