Animation Before Computers

Animation Before Computers

Animating before computers was extra hard because they didn’t have the ‘animate’ button.
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Minecraft: TNT Superflat World Blowing Up ➤
Masstransiscope restored 2008 ➤
Animated Tunnel Ads in Beijing Subway ➤
maxwell the cat but its minecraft map art animation ➤
3D Zoetrope: Forever jumping Frogs 2 ➤
ゾートロープ CUBE ➤
Collector’s Zoetrope ➤
Zoetrope 3D – The Rooster March ➤
Mob Psycho 100 II – Opening | 99.9 ➤
Scanimation – 3D compilation ➤
INCREDIBLE STOPMOTION timelapse compilation – Part 1 ➤
Top That Remix – GG Animated Collab ➤
Blockhead – The Music Scene ➤
Disney Artist Teaches Animation – How to Flip Paper + Creating an “Inbetween” ➤
Bambi by Milt Kahl ➤
Walt Disney’s MultiPlane Camera ➤
Sharing My Traditional Animation Cel Collection, SpongeBob, Disney and More ➤
The Making of Dumbo ➤
Akira – The Animation and Coloring Process ➤

Funymony ➤
Lu ➤
Fern ➤
Abnormal Chaos ➤
Pollo ➤
The Laddie ➤

Annie Loomis ➤
Jessica McGinnis ➤
Laura Walsh ➤
AntiDarkHeart ➤
Jasper Luu ➤
Katelyn “Lenny” ➤

Rushlight Invader ➤
Areg Savchenko ➤
Noah Cheruk ➤
David Toons ➤
Pollo ➤

3D Animation
Nora Zerczy

Rebecca Kartzmark ➤
Jerb ➤
Emilee Dummer ➤
Kelly Jensen ➤
Riki Kuniyuki ➤

Julia Klimas ➤
Jada Kurian ➤
Lovelesskia ➤
Fia ➤
Jada Kurian ➤

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39 Responses

  1. @theodd1sout says:

    The Scribble After Dark tour is coming to a city near you!!

  2. @Haminations says:

    Wait… I thought your videos were live action??? Do you mean to tell me you don’t actually look like a marshmallow guy?!?!?

  3. @hxnnah8205 says:

    The sudden Vsauce transitions were gold.

  4. @arttukettunen5757 says:

    Didn’t expect for James to start swearing that much, but it’s comical how the swears cut off and I’m all here for it

  5. @theakwardactor9788 says:

    As someone who has always been an animation freak, it’s so cool to see James geek out about something I’ve been obsessed with my whole life

  6. @markusdude1 says:

    I love that James has learned to animate literally anything silky smoothly but still chooses not to animate proper mouth movements (most of the time). Not a problem, just something kinda funny.

    • @YourLocal3YearOld says:

      yeah but no

    • @red2coreblue584 says:

      He has literal animators…

    • @waffleliberty89 says:


    • @honeyjuice219 says:

      it’s similar to mario, even though Nintendo spends a bunch of money making mario games, the jump animation is still 1 frame. it’s not because they’re cheap it’s because it’s iconic, people recognize it. if one day mario has extra frames on his jump people won’t recognize it’s mario. same way how if the James’s mouth always move smoothly it’ll look like any storytime animation. people has just gotten used to the old way that it has became iconic

    • @sreck6517 says:

      how did i just now notice he doesnt move his mouth?

  7. @UmmYeahOk says:

    A kid in the 80s, I wanted to grow up to be an animator. That’s why I was digging your Don Bluth Land Before Time reference. I learned all about everything you covered. Then I graduated in the year 2000 “ish” (it really was 2000). I remember going to MGM Studios on Christmas Eve, and seeing their “animator” draw the latest character they were working on, some film about a Hawaiian girl who loves Elvis and has a pet alien for a dog. He talked about how he wanted to be an animator when he grew up, but since they were wrapping things up with 2D, he ended up there. I remember telling my mom that night that I no longer wanted to be an animator. It was Christmas Eve, and this poor guy was stuck there entertaining tourists. The rest of the tour continued where you got to walk around watching people actually animate T-Mobile’s in real life, only no one was there. They were all about CGI. 😢

    • @tayloredwards1675 says:

      Thankfully, things have evolved in a way where 2D animation still exists and people can create and be successful almost on their own, that’s what I hope to do

  8. @anobody113 says:

    hearing an animator explain how animators animate animations while using animations as an example is really confusing

  9. @qocket says:

    Good to see you educating some young ‘uns on how hard and arduous animation used to be. Not enough people appreciate the time and effort that went into a lot of animated films and TV shows.

  10. @Teakettle1776 says:

    As someone who is majoring in animation, I think this is my favorite video by you tbh

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