Animation studios when they start a new anime.

Animation studios when they start a new anime.

“Anime canon”

Oddwin – 19

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78 Responses

  1. MaSTAR Media says:

    “Let’s animate the first chapter, and then make the next 180 episodes filler”

  2. Heavenly says:

    This one hurt on a personal level

  3. ProtoMario says:

    But what if we… were to put a filler arc…

  4. Dani says:

    laughing while watching this but crying on the inside

  5. Joshua Uy says:

    That’s literally Promised Neverland and Tokyo Ghoul in a nutshell…

    • Aqdas Boy says:


    • Maia P. says:

      I saw a comment recently that was like “I’m still waiting for Tokyo Ghoul: Brotherhood” and now I’m waiting for Tokyo Ghoul: Brotherhood

  6. Infinite HwD says:

    *JoJo fan’s getting the manga animated Literally panel by panel with the exact same dialogues*

    *Laughs in a corner*

  7. SuperWiiBros08 says:

    I barely watch anime and I didn’t know they also do this bullshit move

  8. Puellos _ says:

    “We literally have the blueprint!”

    Yo I’ve been saying that for years with every book 2 movie.

    • lovepeace says:

      My argument every time Mr. JACKSON tries that “we didn’t have a story board” bs on how hobbit 2 and 3 fell off a cliff.
      It’s a book that takes 2 hours to read with chapter titles. You couldn’t read a table of contents? 💩

    • Hajime Kuru says:

      I’ve been saying that also about the new Star Wars movies and how trash they are (when there’s decades of successful Star Wars stories out there anyone would have been happy to see on screen)

    • TheDudeCalledAlan says:

      @JisKing98 why does it always have to be a movie
      Like you can easily make a 6 season long Harry Potter series,

  9. OG division says:

    Black cap Caleb = Berserk fans.
    Orange cap Caleb = every damn executive that ever worked on a Berserk adaptation.

  10. Borzah says:

    If you’re reading this I hope something good happens to you today. You deserve happiness

  11. Stevejake says:

    Meanwhile at Hunter X Hunter HQ: *screams* FINISH IT ALREADY!

  12. Jeje Azazel says:

    Season 1 : *finished*
    Fans : *asking for season 2*
    Anime studio : “I’m gonna pretend i don’t see that”

  13. Gnrl Darknessvamp says:

    Deadman Wonderland: “Look the source wasn’t even finished so we had to change the ending so it didn’t make sense. It wasn’t our fault that the creator then went in a completely different direction and had an equally confusing ending.”

  14. Ace Live says:

    ohhhh no that end hurt

  15. Frosted-Bird says:

    “Our job is to literally copy and paste!”

    Cloverworks: “No, I don’t think I will”

  16. Salem Lokende says:

    I can imagine that this is how they went about making Promised Neverland Season 2

  17. Blackie Sootfur says:

    “Lets turn all the side characters into dogs”
    Ok now hold on you might be onto something /hj

  18. Ray Mak says:

    The Greatest Journey! We gotta make it Greater than Greatest

  19. Detective carnage says:

    “I think we should give the main character a huge busty side character”

    “I….that’s not a bad idea”

  20. kmlkmljkl says:

    “Let’s just shuffle arcs around so an important main character doesn’t even show up.”

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