Animatronic Legendary Yoda Battle, 3x Yoda!

Animatronic Legendary Yoda Battle, 3x Yoda!

Legendary Yoda is the name of the toy. I’m not so sure this was a battle that will go down in legend.

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20 Responses

  1. GoldenCarrot256 - Grammatik Nazi. says:

    Reddit storm inbound!

  2. Dufffaaa93 says:

    What a time to be alive.

  3. Jester Jay says:

    Can you show us your aquariums?

  4. Tom Hastain says:

    Maybe you should have bought a vacuum cleaner instead.

  5. DivineBanana says:

    is Doofus Yoda a reference to Doofus Rick? or were you just using an adjective?

  6. Nolan Sanchez says:

    Too many pussies in this world. Complaining about the floor, he should have bought this or that. I thought it was interesting… enjoyed the video and I move on. Grow some fcking balls people.

  7. Robert Green says:

    Was really looking forward to the cat fighting against the 3 yodas, was disappointed.

  8. Chubachus says:

    Your cat lost interest!!!

  9. The Clam Man says:

    I want some toyotas

  10. Keltoigael says:

    money well spent

  11. JayJay Golden says:

    There needs to be more

    I want to see 100 legendary yodas fighting

  12. DIY Prophacks says:

    Since so many people were commenting on my floor, I made a follow up video:

  13. bennitori4 says:

    The investment was totally worth it. Now all you have to do is start a betting ring to see which ones would win.

  14. howto42 says:

    every group needs a black sheep i guess doofus is the one for this group.

  15. Basic Attacker says:

    Star wars the last Jedi hype

  16. amestown lliam says:

    The one on the left 3:1(cough, cough) 4:1.

  17. Kevin M Abraham says:

    Yoda looks so drunk i love it

  18. stiimuli says:

    Simultaneously creepy and hilarious

  19. LoLAwesomechad says:

    wow toyotas on sale for $20-$200? Sign me up!

  20. Nischay K says:

    Man you are so lucky, you are on trending #2

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