Ann Curry says “verbal sexual” harassment was pervasive at NBC

Ann Curry says “verbal sexual” harassment was pervasive at NBC

In her first television interview since leaving NBC, Ann Curry is speaking out about the #MeToo movement. Curry, who’s making a much-anticipated return to TV with her new PBS show, “We’ll Meet Again,” was with NBC’s “Today” show for 15 years. She co-anchored alongside Matt Lauer from 2011 to 2012 before a highly publicized break with the broadcast. Curry left NBC in 2015 and created her own production company. Curry joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss why she’s “not surprised” by the sexual misconduct allegations against Lauer and how she’s moved on from a period in her life that “hurt like hell.”

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43 Responses

  1. Kingston 2 says:

    Answer the damn questions lady..did Matt Lauer do you wrong

  2. cory ddp says:

    You don’t even have enough courage to say they were fired because of the sexual environment they created. Don’t say they left you coward

  3. HONESTO UNO says:

    She aged big time

  4. strongdan1 says:

    She well never say something bad against him ☯️☮️🕉

  5. Shilonious Monk says:


  6. Immerisfy Me says:

    how has this interview not blown up yet. This is huge

  7. Elizabeth Quinn says:

    Gayle….cut your bangs.

  8. tbyjb1 says:

    She’s very classy. She answered the questions with dignity and professionalism. I will watch her new show. She looks great behind the desk!!

  9. My Corvette Life says:

    Even now, we still aren’t being open about this topic. You heard it directly from Ann, she isn’t going to talk about it. JUST SAY IT! Why protect the abusers?

    • Southsideman says:

      “Abusers”!!! “Bad guys”!!!! “They wear all black”!!!!
      Life is nit as simplistic as you try to make it out to be. She realize that it hurts to make others hurt, aparently you havent learned this yes.

      You will.

    • My Corvette Life says:

      I wouldn’t hide the truth to protect someones feelings.

    • Ms Ducks says:

      my guess? She’s under her own NDA and really can’t say much, presumably enough to be worth it for her to stay cagey and not bad mouth her former bosses. She’s still old-school and it’s hard to admit publicly what happened to you when you’ve been told most of your life that women are 2nd class and yet starting in the 70s, women were held to a higher standard of proof the louder we got. I wish she would at least call out the NBC management that allowed Matt Lauer to stay when there was proof of his $hitholery long before the Ann Currie was even there.

    • forever says:

      They are hiding the truth to keep their jobs. Everyone knows the sexual harassment behind the scenes going back to the ceos, bosses and executives. You could tell the two women were trying to keep Anne in line with their still reigning theme of sexual harassment though subtle. Don’t believe? Watch this past Saturday night live with Bill Murray openly saying he’d vote for that pedophile Subway guy. Pedophilia and other sexual abuse is still their agenda. They just have to sacrifice a few victims to pretend they are doing the right thing.

    • energyparticle says:

      agree 100%. People cannot see what is right in front of them. All a dog and pony show.

  10. Justin Hill says:

    Anyone else think Ann’s auditioning for a seat at the table?

  11. L Beatrice Batz says:

    Calm down, Gayle. Let Ann answer.

  12. Jacckeyy says:

    995 views? Sure let’s put that on trending…

  13. RestlessRick says:

    Ann Curry is one of the classiest news journalists I’ve ever watched on television. I miss seeing her on morning television. It would be great if CBS This Morning gave her a role on their broadcast because I believe that Ann is a morning television legend. Just a suggestion CBS.

  14. Jake Hunter says:

    Shoulda keep her.

  15. No- Biggie98 says:

    1k views and its trending 🤔

  16. D Swaggins says:

    I feel sexually harrased by this video #metoo

  17. CT Lew says:

    What a classy lady! Her professionalism, integrity and honesty made Norah and Gayle look guilty when she mentioned that she was not surprised about the harrassment at NBC. I cannot believe that Norah and Gayle did not know about what was going on at NBC or CBS for that matter.

  18. Ty Don says:

    Not even 2K veiws and trending?

  19. diatomshells says:

    “I’m trying to do HARM in these conversations.” Where is the “no”?

  20. 1 2 says:

    She’s always lovely and elegant.

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