Anna Faris Teaches Conan How To Look Sexy – CONAN on TBS

Anna Faris Teaches Conan How To Look Sexy – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Anna teaches Conan that the secret to looking sexy is making a face that conveys, “ow, that hurt.”

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86 Responses

  1. TRENCHES BABY_ says:



    Anna faris is beautiful!

  3. Hellkite1999 says:

    Conan, please travel to South Africa and film a episode of Conan Without Borders there.

    Or Kenya. Or another nation in Africa. So far, Conan has been to the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, the Middle East. Time to go to amazing Africa.

    • Cameron Malcolm says:

      +I AM BAYTOR I think you are not living there, but your stupid comment is explanation of the worst people do exist outside of it. Stop generalization. Yes, crime rates higher than westerns, because they live in poverty, because like whole Africa, European stole everything from their land. Even the people.

    • Cameron Malcolm says:

      Also I believe Rwanda is good place to see, Ellen Degeneres had a tour there, and it was amazing. I am looking forward to see some African countries!

    • V Blue says:

      +Cameron Malcolm 👍Yep, generalization is bad. That’s why you shouldn’t do the same.. Don’t try to blame crime rates or the bad morals/poverty of ppl so easily on “europeans”. If you knew Europe and europeans and studied world history well, wellll you would know there are european countries that have been victim of genocide and horrific acts. Some have went through slavery, their religion and culture has been tried to be erased and they’ve also had adults and kids taken. So.. my point is. Please stop with “but europeans did this and that”, cause the countries here aren’t few and many of us have nothing to do with africa and have had a fair amount struggles of our own and still do to this day(Yes, there are poor ppl in Europe). It really pisses off many of us, cause we find it very disrespecfull.(This crap will only work If you have a disagreement in America or migrants’ twat lawyer Merkel country (deutschland).)😐

    • Khor Ba says:

      Grand Conqueror Africa is a big place filled with many countries that have vastly different cultures. Maybe do some research before spouting nonsense

    • Brian Kostenbader says:


  4. J. Tizzle says:

    What ever she’s taking, it hit her about halfway through

  5. Bright Star says:

    Anna Faris is really delightful;D

  6. The Wogan Transformers bloke says:

    she is a gorgeous dork 😊

  7. Joshua Meeks says:

    She was funny in all 4 scary movies and in the remake of overboard

  8. Karan Grewal says:

    Chris Pratt was lucky to have been married to her.

    • Gboy says:

      Sucks that pratt had to be a trump supporter

    • Rach Kate says:

      +Mr pleb Who’s going to feed him, wash his clothes, take his mental abuse, submit to his creepy urges in bed, parent his poor kids etc then?
      He’s a waste of oxygen and that would be one toxic association for her and her kids.

    • Rach Kate says:

      +Ted K Very much the same for women.
      Bet you’ve never had a ‘hot chick’ especially as a derogatory misogynist- it’s just a phrase you like to parrot to make yourself appear desirable or appear that you have options.
      Do something about your emotional immaturity.
      Not all women are out to get you like a boogeyman.

  9. ReallyMadPuppy says:

    She is cool and a bit buzzed on something. I’ll be checking out her podcast for sure.,

    • Aleksandra Cwiek says:

      Her podcast is reaally great and wholesome, hands down in my top faves!

    • Brian Matthews says:

      I’ve listened for awhile and recently just stopped. She’s fun to listen too, but the podcast got boring to me. She had some great guests and some very funny moments but hey I have too many flat earth videos to watch while playing fortnite.

    • Ralph Hardwick says:

      She isn’t buzzed, she’s nervous.

  10. Daniel Dickey says:

    I have a big crush on Anna Faris!

  11. Christian Stoleski says:

    would be nice to get drunk with Anna Faris

  12. Christian Stoleski says:


  13. Let's be Honest Official says:

    There are too few ladies like her, and too few comedians/hosts like Conan

  14. Riverphoenixisinheav says:

    I’ve loved her ever since Scary Movie! She’s great!

  15. Dallas Bank Robber says:

    Damn I hate when I try to get a sentence out and I’m all over the place like she was. It happens way too often.

    • Spawn says:

      Dallas Bank Robber just pause stop speaking and think before you speak

    • Jazlyne Munoz says:

      +Spawn sometimes theres no time to think

    • James Taylor says:

      Sometimes you pause and think you paused too long now your fucked and obligated to say SOMETHING so you blurt out a choppy word salad and walk away tricking yourself into thinking nobody caught on to what just happened so three months down the line you’re under the blankets whimpering to hold back the suppressed awkward encounters of Q3 2018 but you cant and have the quarterly panic attack and feel okay. Next morning you wake up for work and in the first hour of being awake have your first socially awkward encounter of this last quarter of 2018, slaughtering your order at the Mcdonalds drive thru, yet you pull off humming to yourself abnoxiously as you sip on a frappe to avoid the facts of what just transpired.

  16. Hell Burd says:

    Damn conan, for a second there, i thought i was lookin at Carmen Electra, wouldnt have guessed it was you aha

  17. Ray Tomecko says:

    Anna is beautiful. And very funny. But, she has a problem believing in herself now. She’s rattled by life at the moment. Divorce does that. Anna needs to realize how beautiful, talented and funny she is.

  18. Goya Solidar says:

    A lot of people suffer from social anxiety. Judging by this, it seems like Anna is one of those fortunate people who has managed to overcome most of it but is still unnerved by interactions in a public setting.

  19. Me Smith says:

    Conan: No, you look gorgeous on the red carpet! Pull up the photos!

    *pulls up most cringeworthy photo they can find*

  20. Jerky921 says:

    Conan just threw shade at 90 percent of his past guests

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