Anna Kendrick’s Between the Scenes Takeover – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Anna Kendrick’s Between the Scenes Takeover – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Anna Kendrick crashes Between The Scenes and finds herself having to explain “the list” to Trevor.

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80 Responses

  1. Crafter Maker says:

    Lol, “Can I hang out?”

  2. Donald Trump says:

    Smh noah taking sweaters away from public

  3. RaseckoII says:

    Give us sweaters Trevor!

  4. snozberries says:

    Omg i cant stop laughing! Thank you for this!

  5. jdcompas says:

    Oh the “Anna-rchy” 😋

  6. MsMuslimahgirl says:

    when white culture craziness comes into contact with black ppl

  7. soth1 sol says:

    conan’s changing format to remotes/abroad…
    trevor, change format to “between the scenes”

  8. Cameron Sulak says:

    This was the best Between Scenes Episode ever

  9. TinaChris714 * says:

    Funniest thing in the world!!!!! Anna is so freaking chill, and then to add Trevor into the mix. He looked sooooo confused about the list 😂😂😂

  10. Alex Aran says:

    Trevor was joking….he doesn’t know what kind of list this is? funny

  11. prateek rameshkumar says:

    Anna Kendrick making the cat noise with the claw…adorable!

  12. Silverfirefly1 says:

    Anna Kendrick is a naturally anxious and self concious person, it takes real balls for her to do this. There’s real power in pushing through your comfort zones every day.

  13. Russ Simon says:

    I feel like this was the first interaction between host and guest that was not scripted, in a long long time

  14. Yudis Natha says:

    One of the best Between The Scenes. I love how Anna partnering with Trevor in that segment and she’s really felt comfortable with it

  15. Whitney Elizabeth says:

    Only Anna Kendrick can get away with this. I love it 😍

    • Mark Bos says:

      +G how do you possibly make this a race thing lol, she is just a funny girl, so she gets away with it, nothing to do with her color…

    • Jason Ziperovich says:

      Mark Bos obviously a joke look at the emojis

    • rugr82day says:

      Anna is the best thing to come out of the Twilight movie franchise. Patrick and Kristen may have been the stars but they spend their time trying to live it down. They should have done like Will Smith and Tom Cruise and let the fame take them where it may.

    • symbian says:

      White AND confident female. If you’re going to insult people, make it very specific. LOL (if you didn’t get the LOL to mean it was a joke, I feel very, very sad for you).

    • TNM001 says:

      everyone else getting shot, or whats your theory?

  16. Richu Robert says:

    This was one of the best between the scenes…..the look on Trevor’s face was priceless

  17. cVictori says:

    lol at that lady like “not to make this weird but i’m gonna IMMEDIATELY make this weird”

    • rasjeff1 says:

      But Anna was so cool with it

    • Armed Wombat says:

      There’s a good and a bad kind of weird. This was the former.

    • Ernesto Marcos says:

      Now I’m curious what she was gonna ask. Or was she just trying to hook her boyfriend up?

    • Frir10 says:

      rasjeff1 There’s a difference between being a good sport about something and enjoying it. I would say Kendrick was mostly just trying to brush it off.

    • Liox le says:

      I think this was basically meant as some sort of compliment about her overall attractiveness which she wanted to follow up with her question and then it spiralled kind of out of control. But that was great fun the way it looks like. Oh, and: +10000 sins because “Anna Kendrick is not my girlfriend in this scene” ;D

  18. MrNicoJac says:

    “Trevor Keepin Us Warm” sweaters would be amazing winter merchandise though!!!

  19. Sentinel Randy says:

    No disrespect to Trevor Noah, but this is the best between the scenes video so far and in the history of the Daily Show!!!!!

  20. nicky rosey says:

    “you’re the first guest to come out after we are done with you” 😂😂😂😭😭

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