Anna Kendrick’s “The Cup Song” Cover

Anna Kendrick’s “The Cup Song” Cover

Got a cup in my hand, New Jersey map and American flag on my wall, and a song in my heart. Let’s go

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20 Responses

  1. Annie O. says:

    RIP Cara, Rest in your creator arms. You will be missed.

  2. Alesia Featherstone says:

    My heart hurts for her family, bless you.

  3. Kate & Mike Catholic Crusade says:

    RIP Cara. You will be missed. May your soul rest in peace and happiness in
    Heaven with the Lord.

  4. Mary Anderson says:

    RIP Cara

  5. Sounds Of Society, (The Official) Chicago Tribute Band (SOSCTB, LLC) says:

    RIP Cara…….damn



  7. CocoPaulette says:

    Rest in Heaven. So very sad…

  8. sarah leeh says:

    so sad… gone too soon

  9. PatienceMelissa says:

    Wow! Very sad. Pretty gal with a pretty voice and interesting talent. So
    strange with the lyrics of her song and the coincidence of what happened.

  10. Kiara Marques says:

    RIP Beautiful Cara, the angels are waiting for you.

  11. Jacque Mason says:

    rip cara

  12. Erica Stolte says:

    RIP BEAUTIFUL <33333

  13. Amanda Rose says:

    her laugh at the end…

  14. Patsy J says:

    Sending prayers to your family, boyfriend, and friends, plus associates.

  15. Gab Alvarez says:

    rip beautiful

  16. Stef Vice says:

    RIP Cara, I just read what happened, I didnt knew you, but your last will
    to donate your organs sums up your generosity and your goodness! God bless
    you and condolences from France!

  17. Sj Rose says:


  18. Artemio Hernandez says:

    This made me cry! RIP Cara.

  19. Marie Lou 3M says:

    In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in
    your years. Rest in Peace Cara with our Lord.

  20. Natasha Kowalczyk says:

    R.I.P sweetie all my prays out to you ❤️??