ANNABELLE COMES HOME (2019) Ending + New Spirits Explained

ANNABELLE COMES HOME (2019) Ending + New Spirits Explained

#annabelle3 #endingexplained

Everyone’s favorite evil doll Annabelle Comes Home in the latest entry in the Conjuring series. This time she’s set her sights on the Warrens artifact room, unleashing all of the spirits within. Learn all about the new spirits, how it connects to the Conjuring timeline, and explaining the ending.

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50 Responses

  1. Quajuan Jackson says:

    By far the least interesting installment in the conjuring series, besides La Llorona. Don’t understand why that don’t just follow up with The Crooked Man ??

    • JM says:

      They dropped the ball with the Crooked man when they made it canon that it’s actually Valac the nun in another form and not really it’s own separate entity. They’re probably saving it for some sort of Nun 2 installment

  2. Danny Santos says:

    They had a whole writing team and the best catalyst they could think of was “make a girl come over and touch the thing that says DO NOT TOUCH”? Really?

    • Gaero says:

      The Annabell movies are just horrible. I don’t like the Conjuring universe overall, the only good movie my girlfriend and I saw of it was Conjuring 2, both of us gave it a straight 9/10. Otherwise, no other movie could reach over the 5/10 bar.

    • LadyScarface Angel says:

      It’s so generic & basic. Nothing special. Now my fave quote: Annabelle Comes Home, well the bitch can go back on vacation.” ~Cody Leach

    • Catarina Filipa says:

      They could have insulted the doll. There’s another haunted doll. Forgot the name but its male and is also very dangerous. You cannot touch,Its dangerous to take photos without his permission or say his name I believe and also speak or think ill of him in his presence. Sometimes even in the surrounding area. They could have taken that idea.

    • king kibum says:

      Catarina Filipa it’s Robert the Doll!!!

    • Danny Santos says:

      Catarina Filipa or even just make it some fluke of nature like a tree falling or an earthquake or something like just don’t make it “stupid person does the opposite of what they are told because personal reasons” because that’s probably the worst trope of all

  3. Kyle Stinchcomb says:

    The Crooked Man is one of my favorite demons from the Conjuring universe along side the ferryman

  4. Joshua Johnson says:

    Whoa whoa whoa. The ferryman is tossing dollar coin.

    Ching ching.

    Worth it.

    “I touched everything”

  5. Larissa Cameron says:

    Every day is just another step closer to FoundFlix becoming Spencer Reid

  6. aussielove 586 says:

    I agree with that other persons comment, do 13 GHOSTS !!!! PLEEEEEEEASEEE

  7. The Poe Toaster says:


    How do your parents allow you to review horror movies.

  8. yuppie yuppers says:

    When my friend and I watched this movie we couldn’t get over how nice the house was. Nice layout, many rooms but lacked natural light. That was our takeaway

  9. ファイサルFaisal says:

    Annabelle comes home
    Spider man far from home

    I think Spider-Man’s spider senses were right.

  10. Hazardtrooper says:

    I hope frankabelle shared the tacos with the 2 cats in the back ground

  11. Acadica Spade says:

    “Shot! Forgot my sodie pop”

    I love your mini sketches

  12. Christina Battiest says:

    I think you should write the crooked man yourself

  13. Gilded Goblin says:

    I know he says Chiron at 9:19 but I swear I keep hearing him say “Karen, of Greek mythology.”

    • Achirag Chirag says:

      I heard it as Karen too. LMAO

    • melissa craig says:

      I heard Karen I was like who?? Then I figured it out too. Laughed so hard scared the ever loving Shit out of my cat and my unborn baby. Legit the baby bounced like it was shot it hurt bad. So hey another jump scare for Annabelle.

    • St0rm Rix says:

      I heard Karen

    • melissa craig says:

      @St0rm Rix there are 2 ways to pronounce the name. So Charon is pronounced Ki Run. However Kharon is pronounced like Karen you just roll the Rs. He didn’t roll the R so it sounds like he is saying Karen instead of karrrrrron. If that makes any sense.

  14. Jamie Hersheys says:

    Please do Midsommar next! I’m dying to see how you break down the film!

  15. Something Brakkk says:

    They could have killed the pizza guy, he’s a supporting character. Why not then? Bob could gave died too now I think about it, savaged by the werewolf.

  16. Wandering Warrior-kun says:

    This dude’s skits always bring a smile to my face no matter how cheesy

  17. Aely says:

    *FoundFlix* = _Free movie + Not getting scared_

    win win!¡!¡!

  18. wickerman proxy says:

    *can’t afford to buy movie*

    *Just watches this instead*
    Good enough

  19. Pointedge115 says:

    “I have eaten all the tacos. That was the last morsel.”

    Falls out.

  20. Central Intelligence Agency says:

    “Everyone’s favorite evil doll Annabelle”
    Chucky: Am I a joke to you?

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